Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Final Test - Easy

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A pair of canoes were sometimes lashed together how far apart with saplings across the stern and forward thwarts?
(a) A few inches.
(b) Approximately five feet apart or more.
(c) A few feet apart.
(d) Tight together.

2. A fire piston, which worked on the principle that air got extremely hot when compressed, might reach over how many degrees Fahrenheit?
(a) 180.
(b) 800.
(c) 220.
(d) 350.

3. How much flour was recommended could be substituted per each loaf of bread taken for a week's venture?
(a) 1/4 lbs.
(b) 1/3 lbs.
(c) 1/2 lbs.
(d) None.

4. Pictures of what animals were noted to be about the most difficult to get?
(a) Toads.
(b) Hummingbirds.
(c) Owls.
(d) Jumping fish.

5. What was Hank's view of most people when they snapped photographs?
(a) They took too few.
(b) They were not close enough.
(c) They did not keep sunlight behind them.
(d) They were too close.

6. Chief Tibeash said the herring gulls in their region were apt to do what when a storm approached?
(a) Dive for fish from the air.
(b) Stay in the trees.
(c) Stay out of the water.
(d) Stay on the water or rocks.

7. Gabby was what type of bird that remained through the winter instead of flying south?
(a) A goose.
(b) A moosebird.
(c) A mockingbird.
(d) A barn owl.

8. In September, the Indians who had arrived for the summer headed where at this time?
(a) South for warmer weather.
(b) East for coastal waters.
(c) West for caves.
(d) North for trapping grounds.

9. When he tracked a bear in light snow and saw it wandered here and there, Chief Tibeash said that indicated it had likely done what?
(a) Sought a hibernation spot.
(b) Explored for food.
(c) Ferreted out a mate.
(d) Looked for a missing cub.

10. Jim noted that Chief Tibeash eyed everything when on the trail and walked as quietly as what animal?
(a) A coyote.
(b) A lynx.
(c) An ostrich.
(d) An deer.

11. Jim built a pot that made a little fuel go far like one he read about used in what country where a handful of grass cooked a whole pot of stew?
(a) Tibet.
(b) Afghanistan.
(c) Mongolia.
(d) South Africa.

12. Benasee Jewan, the Indian term for September, meant what?
(a) "The Northern Lights Begin to Play."
(b) "The Leaves Change Color and Fall."
(c) "The Moon When the Birds Fly Away."
(d) "The Moon Before Snow Arrives."

13. Snowshoe rabbits were very alert for owls, foxes, and weasels, but sometimes a sound similar to what marked a rabbit's end?
(a) The howl of a small hurt dog.
(b) The squeal of a hurt squirrel.
(c) The cry of a hurt chicken.
(d) The scream of a hurt child.

14. A cold room in the ground was built of double board walls separated by 2"x4" uprights, and the space between filled with what substance?
(a) Sand.
(b) Sawdust.
(c) Pine cones.
(d) Wood chips.

15. Three blasts on the horn made from that of a buffalo was suggested to signal what?
(a) Meet to fish on my lake.
(b) Help was needed.
(c) Time to get up.
(d) Pie was ready.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jim ranked his fishing skills from best to worst in what order?

2. Jim noted he always took along what item on long canoe trips?

3. Why was August identified as the most favorable time for traveling in the north woods?

4. What was it Chief Tibeash suggested Hank's ice boat would be suitable for chasing when these animals crossed the lake?

5. November included many gray days with heavy rolling clouds that reminded Chief Tibeash of what animals?

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