Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Final Test - Easy

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jim tried to do what if a thunderstorm came up when he was on the lake in his canoe?
(a) Remain on the lake, lay in his canoe, and bail when it passed.
(b) Head for the center of the lake, balance himself and cover up.
(c) Head for shore, pull into heavy cover, and get under it.
(d) Head for shore, pull into an open clearing, and stay close to the ground.

2. It was noted that tree swallows ate what else beyond insects as few other swallows did?
(a) Minnows.
(b) Berries.
(c) Tadpoles.
(d) Nuts.

3. Jim saw what animals as they escaped not far ahead of a forest fire as it approached a lake he had sought for refuge?
(a) Hundreds of rabbits, deer, snakes, and several bear.
(b) Hundreds of rabbits, deer, porcupines, and two bear.
(c) Dozens of rabbits, deer, skunks, and several bear.
(d) A few rabbits, deer, porcupines, a moose and two bear.

4. Three blasts on the horn made from that of a buffalo was suggested to signal what?
(a) Meet to fish on my lake.
(b) Pie was ready.
(c) Help was needed.
(d) Time to get up.

5. Jim built a pot that made a little fuel go far like one he read about used in what country where a handful of grass cooked a whole pot of stew?
(a) Tibet.
(b) Afghanistan.
(c) South Africa.
(d) Mongolia.

6. Diagrams and instructions were provided on how to construct what pair of aids for making one's way across the frozen lakes?
(a) Ice creepers.
(b) Ice boots.
(c) Ice skates.
(d) Ice climbers.

7. Jim advised that Chief Tibeash instructed him wild animals relied on what 3 senses to protect themselves?
(a) Hearing, taste, and touch.
(b) Sight, smell, and taste.
(c) Sight, smell, and touch.
(d) Hearing, sight, and smell.

8. June brought with it the first of the Cree families for the summer that came by birch canoe to settle in where?
(a) Snow Goose Lake.
(b) Beaver Tail Lake.
(c) Cache Lake.
(d) Shining Tree Lake.

9. What toys did Chief Tibeash and his brothers whittle as boys for use in the winter on the lakes?
(a) Skates.
(b) Tops.
(c) Sliding sticks.
(d) Sliding boats.

10. What was given as the reason there was always something of interest that went on at Cache Lake?
(a) Chief Tibeash was always teaching a new skill.
(b) Tripper was a comical treat to have around.
(c) Wild animals always provided more to learn about.
(d) It was never known what Hank would do next.

11. Rice was considered an essential ration for what reason?
(a) It took little room and was light.
(b) It was among the healthiest.
(c) It mixed well with many foods.
(d) It needed only to be boiled.

12. What were the woods described as having been like in July?
(a) Wet, hot, and quiet.
(b) Dry, hot, and quiet.
(c) Dry, cool, and quiet.
(d) Dry, hot, and noisy.

13. Jim related how he once capsized when he canoed about 5 days out from civilization, but he kept his matches dry how?
(a) In a sap covered matchbox.
(b) In a wax paper package.
(c) In a plastic container.
(d) In a small watertight bottle.

14. Why was August identified as the most favorable time for traveling in the north woods?
(a) Black flies, mosquitoes, and midges were nearly gone.
(b) The weather tended to be comfortable with cooling days.
(c) Days and nights were warm and usually settled.
(d) It was the harvest season with cool days and nights.

15. What was it Chief Tibeash suggested Hank's ice boat would be suitable for chasing when these animals crossed the lake?
(a) Lynxes.
(b) Deer.
(c) Wolves.
(d) Foxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chief Tibeash refer to deep-water trolling using copper wire 100 yards long and a single pound sinker?

2. Jim noted that Chief Tibeash eyed everything when on the trail and walked as quietly as what animal?

3. A fire piston, which worked on the principle that air got extremely hot when compressed, might reach over how many degrees Fahrenheit?

4. The company's plane made its last flight in November until the lake ice was solid and it could land with what equipment?

5. It was suggested that "butterflies seem to dress to suit" what?

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