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John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Hank's view of most people when they snapped photographs?
(a) They were not close enough.
(b) They took too few.
(c) They were too close.
(d) They did not keep sunlight behind them.

2. What was recommended about magnetizing needles?
(a) Always do all of them in the same direction.
(b) Do small ones north-south, large ones south-north.
(c) Always magnetize but the direction did not matter.
(d) Do large ones north-south, small ones south-north.

3. What was given as the reason there was always something of interest that went on at Cache Lake?
(a) Tripper was a comical treat to have around.
(b) Wild animals always provided more to learn about.
(c) It was never known what Hank would do next.
(d) Chief Tibeash was always teaching a new skill.

4. What did the beavers store in the mud beneath their ponds as food for the winter?
(a) Young, sweet woods.
(b) Fallen, young pine cones..
(c) Old, sweet woods.
(d) Full-grown, dry marsh grasses.

5. Jim noted he always took along what item on long canoe trips?
(a) A leeboard to reduce drift to the leeward side.
(b) A square of oiled balloon cloth for a sail.
(c) Several extra paddles of different lengths.
(d) A tin of pine sap and tar for repairing holes.

6. A cold room in the ground was built of double board walls separated by 2"x4" uprights, and the space between filled with what substance?
(a) Sawdust.
(b) Sand.
(c) Wood chips.
(d) Pine cones.

7. A harness of what type hide was made for Tripper to get him adjusted to pulling a sled by initially pulling a dead spruce piece?
(a) Beaver.
(b) Deer.
(c) Possum.
(d) Moose.

8. What did Hank once make a model of?
(a) A logging camp.
(b) His cabin and trees.
(c) An Indian tepee.
(d) A birch canoe.

9. Jim advised that Chief Tibeash instructed him wild animals relied on what 3 senses to protect themselves?
(a) Sight, smell, and taste.
(b) Sight, smell, and touch.
(c) Hearing, sight, and smell.
(d) Hearing, taste, and touch.

10. Gabby was what type of bird that remained through the winter instead of flying south?
(a) A goose.
(b) A barn owl.
(c) A mockingbird.
(d) A moosebird.

11. Jim ranked his fishing skills from best to worst in what order?
(a) Bait rod, fly-casting, troling.
(b) Fly-casting, trolling, bait rod.
(c) Trolling, fly-casting, bait rod.
(d) Trolling, bait rod, fly-casting.

12. Teams often left their logging camps around what time, with only the cook and his crew remaining?
(a) After breakfast around 8 a.m.
(b) Shortly before sunrise.
(c) Shortly after sunrise.
(d) Shortly after 3 a.m.

13. It was noted that tree swallows ate what else beyond insects as few other swallows did?
(a) Minnows.
(b) Nuts.
(c) Berries.
(d) Tadpoles.

14. Jim tried to do what if a thunderstorm came up when he was on the lake in his canoe?
(a) Remain on the lake, lay in his canoe, and bail when it passed.
(b) Head for shore, pull into an open clearing, and stay close to the ground.
(c) Head for shore, pull into heavy cover, and get under it.
(d) Head for the center of the lake, balance himself and cover up.

15. When Chief Tibeash planned a trip he would go and look at the grass just before he turned in at night for what reason?
(a) No sign of dew indicated the weather would be okay until midday.
(b) A sign of dew indicated the weather may turn wet in the evening.
(c) No sign of dew indicated the weather would likely to be good.
(d) No sign of dew indicated the weather may take a wet turn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chief Tibeash said the herring gulls in their region were apt to do what when a storm approached?

2. Rice was considered an essential ration for what reason?

3. The kerf of a tree was a reference to what?

4. It was recommended that any bacon taken was lean for what reason?

5. Where was it noted the lightning bugs did not fly so much?

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