Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

John J. Rowlands
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, December, Blizzards and Wailing Winds.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mal de raquette was another term for what?
(a) Snow ski pain.
(b) Sprained ankle.
(c) Frostbite of the foot.
(d) Snowshoe lameness.

2. It took how many gallons of sap from a maple to yield a good pound of sugar?
(a) 3 to 5.
(b) 4 to 6.
(c) 1 to 3.
(d) 2 to 4.

3. How did Chief Tibeash regard Hank?
(a) He initially disliked, but later liked him.
(b) He initially liked, but later disliked him.
(c) He strongly disliked him.
(d) He strongly liked him.

4. Jim advised that Chief Tibeash instructed him wild animals relied on what 3 senses to protect themselves?
(a) Hearing, sight, and smell.
(b) Sight, smell, and touch.
(c) Sight, smell, and taste.
(d) Hearing, taste, and touch.

5. Jim chose what site on Cache Lake for his cabin?
(a) An inlet.
(b) An island.
(c) A knoll.
(d) A meadow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chief Tibeash refer to deep-water trolling using copper wire 100 yards long and a single pound sinker?

2. How many northern lakes had author John J. "Jim" Rowlands said he had seen when he happened upon Cache Lake?

3. What mythological figure was January named after that had two faces so he could look ahead and behind simultaneously?

4. What was suggested as the first step to dry moccasins?

5. What were noted as the keys to surviving in the wilderness, finding one's way about, and avoiding possible dangers?

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