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Victor Ostrovsky
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the international communications discussed most prominently in Chapter 7?

2. Who gives the katsas in Chapter 9 a booby-trapped case?

3. What is Eiten in charge of?

4. Which Israeli Prime Minister orders the deaths of Black September terrorists in Chapter 9?

5. What does Black September do in Chapter 9 to distract from its assassination plans?

Short Essay Questions

1. What communication training do cadets undergo in Chapter 2?

2. What does Halim eventually provide the Mossad in the Prologue?

3. Describe the awkward interaction between Jerry S. and Victor in Chapter 8?

4. How is the training divided up in Chapter 2?

5. What does Ostrovsky learn about foreign surveillance in Chapter 3?

6. What communications information do the cadets learn in Chapter 7?

7. Besides recruitment, what skills do cadets learn in Chapter 4?

8. Describe the Danish operation in Chapter 6.

9. How do the recruits lives change in Chapter 5?

10. How does Mossad eventually avert the assassination of Golda Meir in Chapter 9?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The second part of By Way of Deception contains a series of operations undertaken by the Mossad across the globe. Write an essay about the reasoning underpinning these operations. Divide them into the two rationales guiding Israeli foreign policy. How does each operation serve this objective? Does it succeed or does it fail? Why? Determine if the use of espionage to achieve lofty objectives is self-defeating:

Part 1) The safety of the State of Israel.

Part 2) The safety of Jews worldwide.

Essay Topic 2

In By Way of Deception, Victor Ostrovsky often shows the connection between the actions of Mossad and famous historical event: the bombing of the American hotel in Beirut or the 1972 Olympics for example. Write an essay about one such occurrence. How does Mossad activity impact the international climate lead toward or away from the event? What is the connection between Israeli policy and this event? Does Ostrovsky reveal a hidden component to this event?

Essay Topic 3

Over the course of Ostrovsky's novel, the author makes clear that Mossad relies on recruits who may or may not know they are helping Israel. These recruits are often put into grave danger and sometime die or disappear. Write an essay about three instances of Mossad recruits being endangered.

Part 1) Analyze the use of prostitutes in the Iraq operation described in the Prologue. Why are prostitutes employed? What information do they help elicit from Halim? Discuss why a prostitute is killed at the end of the operation. What did her death serve to accomplish?

Part 2) Discuss the recruitment of Magid and Jadid in Chapter 12. What information do these men have, and what is its value to Mossad? Explore whether the brothers know who they are helping. What danger do they face? How is Jadid compensated for the danger he faces?

Part 3) Explore the Libyan agent who is recruited in Chapter 17. What information does this agent provide the Mossad? What operations does it aid, and how do Israeli agents attempt to protect him? What is the Libyan agent's ultimate fate?

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