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Victor Ostrovsky
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Short Answer Questions

1. On his second assignment in Chapter 8, Ostrovsky claims to look for the grave of a man named ___________.

2. According to the Mossad authorities in Chapter 7, why did the Mafia kill John F. Kennedy?

3. What is Harari's career?

4. In addition to an Egyptian scientist, whom else is killed by the Mossad in the Prologue?

5. Whom is Ostrovsky told to make contact with in his second assignment in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Mossad make first contact with Halim in the Prologue?

2. How is the head of Black September connected to Akbar in Chapter 9?

3. Besides recruitment, what skills do cadets learn in Chapter 4?

4. What is the Mossad line on the Kennedy assassination?

5. What training do the cadets receive in Chapter 3?

6. What are the consequences of the botched Cypress assignment in Chapter 8?

7. What story does Dan Drory tell the cadets in Chapter 7?

8. Who is Akbar?

9. What is the Komemiute?

10. What does Ostrovsky learn about foreign surveillance in Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the nation of Israel as a promise. What was Israel before it was founded after the Second World War? What was the root of Zionism in the twentieth century? Discuss how a homeland remained a dream for the Jews since the Diaspora and how Israel maintains citizenship laws that maintain the promise of a Jewish homeland. How do Mossad's missions to rescue Jews outside of Israel speak to the honesty of this promise?

Essay Topic 2

The operations described in Victor Ostrovsky's book can be divided into two categories which include those that are reacting to attacks on Israel and those preemptively trying to stop future attacks. Write an essay in which you compare these operations. Offer an example of each, and determine which is more effective. What tactics are used in each type of operation? How does the world react to each type? In the end, does either type of operation seem totally effective?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout By Way of Deception, the author indicates that Mossad engages in operations throughout the globe with the intention of interfering in the affairs of sovereign states. Write an essay about three countries in which the Mossad operates. What value does this nation have in Israel's mind? Does the nation know the Mossad is there? What justification does Israel offer for its covert work in the country?

Part 1) Sudan

Part 2) United States

Part 3) Lebanon

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