By Way of Deception Short Essay - Answer Key

Victor Ostrovsky
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1. How does the Mossad make first contact with Halim in the Prologue?

Every day Halim, an Iraqui physicist in France, notices a blonde at his bus stop that is picked up by a red Ferrari. One day when Halim's bus is late, the woman boards a bus. When the Ferrari appears, Halim tells the driver that the woman is gone, and the driver offers him a ride.

2. When does Halim begin doing work for Donovan in the Prologue?

Over the course of the Prologue, Donovan begins to regularly pick up Halim. Eventually, Halim calls Donovan and they go out together. Donovan invites Halim on a business trip and Halim receives one thousand dollars for his help. Donovan has another business deal involving tubes for shipping radioactive material and tells Halim that he is looking for a scientist. Halim says he is a scientist and not a student and offers his services.

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