By Way of Deception Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Victor Ostrovsky
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Prologue and Chapter 1

• The Mossad convinces an Iraqi scientist in France to provide information of Iraqi nuclear plant.
• Ostrovsky is recruited from the navy to join Mossad.

Chapters 2-3

• Cadets begin training in Mossad techniques.
• Ostrovsky sees how the Mossad tracks the PLO.

Chapters 4-5

• The cadets learn recruitment and other skills.
• As a rookie, Ostrovsky gathers information from contacts.

Ragged Dick, Chapters 13-16

• Victor Ostrovsky is rotated through many different departments.
• Ostrovsky attempts surveillance on a Syrian officer in Denmark.

Part 2, Chapters 5-7, pgs. 194-236

• The cadets enter officer's training and learn about finance, assassination, and communications.
• Victor learns the Mossad position on the Kennedy assassination.

Book One, Chapters 34-38

• Another cadet makes a pass at Victor.
• Victor becomes a katsa and goes an several assignments.

• After a botched assignment in Cypress, Ostrovsky is forced to quit Mossad and sent to liaison with the South Lebanese Army...

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