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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Isaac Burg say will kill the defenders if they escape the Ashbals?

2. What other group suffered disproportionate losses?

3. Why is the defense of the downed aircraft a battle of attrition?

4. Who is Sayid Talib?

5. Why does Teddy Laskov believe Ahmed Rish has not called Jerusalem with demands?

Short Essay Questions

1. How have the attackers improved their tactics for the second attack?

2. To what do the prophet Jeremiah - and the author, Nelson DeMille - credit the successful freeing of the Babylonian captives?

3. What is Peter Kahn's biggest concern throughout the ordeal?

4. How does Yigael Tekoah become a hero?

5. Why does Salem Hamadi understand that their attempt at getting money by taking the passengers of the Concorde 02 is over whether they win or lose the assault?

6. Why does Benjamin Dobkin initially direct is call to Athens, and then change his mind?

7. Why does Nathan Burg veto the idea of attempting an escape at night?

8. Why do Jacob Hausner and Nathan Burg conclude that the conduct of a war is too important to be left to politicians?

9. Why does Benjamin Dobkin have a sense of deja vu when he enters by the Ishtar Gate?

10. Why does Dr. Al-Thanni recommend that Joshua Giddel make no attempt to rescue Benjamin Dobkin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Masada is important both as a cautionary tale and as a plan for the trapped defenders. Research the happenings at Masada and write an essay explaining its similarities and differences to the fictional situation in this story, and its importance in the minds of the characters.

Essay Topic 2

Shear-jashub's name, besides identifying him as Jewish, was originally given to the prophet Isaiah's son and has deep significance. Research the meaning of the name and in your essay discuss why you think DeMille selected it for this character.

Essay Topic 3

Miriam Bernstein is deeply committed to the peace process and affected by the early events that took her family from her. In your essay, describe the changes that the events in the story have caused to take place in Miriam Bernstein.

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