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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Miriam Bernstein try to leave the moving aircraft?

2. Why is helping the rescue operation a no-lose situation for the Iraqi government?

3. What role does Shear-jashub say Jews in Babylon have played in history?

4. What has changed about Miriam Bernstein?

5. What does Ahmed Rish think is the advantage the gods have sent the attackers?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Miriam Bernstein believe the role of the scribe is so important?

2. What incentives do the young Ashbal fighters have that they did not have during the first attack?

3. Why does Benjamin Dobkin have a sense of deja vu when he enters by the Ishtar Gate?

4. Why is Salim Tayid able to survive when none of the other Ashbals attacking the west bank do?

5. Why does Dr. Al-Thanni recommend that Joshua Giddel make no attempt to rescue Benjamin Dobkin?

6. Once radio contact is established, why doesn't Teddy Laskov ask David Becker if Miriam Bernstein is still alive?

7. How does Yigael Tekoah become a hero?

8. Why does Miriam Bernstein believe that Jacob Hausner wanted to stay behind?

9. Why do Jacob Hausner and Nathan Burg conclude that the conduct of a war is too important to be left to politicians?

10. Why does the Prime Minister decide to ask the Americans to do the air reconnaissance mission over Iraq?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting is critical to this story. In your essay, outline the cultural and political setting in which the characters find themselves. Consider the contrast between the tourists who will come later in the year to visit the site of the ancient Babylonian captivity and the characters who are themselves actually captive there.

Essay Topic 2

The Diaspora - the scattering of captive Jews throughout different lands as a result of captivity - has a strong effect on Jews in Israel as well as on those who are themselves scattered. In your essay, discuss the effect on this story of the Jews in the Iraqi Ummah.

Essay Topic 3

An objective story is one in which the author does not appear to favor one character over others, but presents both sides of any issue impartially. Is DeMille an objective reporter of the disputes between Israelis and Arabs? Why or why not? Tell how you arrived at your conclusion.

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