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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the attackers makes his way onto the Concorde before it falls from the ledge?

2. Why does Hausner believe many of the defenders will not stand and fight?

3. What ritual proceeding does the rabbi call a "strange custom"?

4. What language does Benjamin Dobkin speak to the villagers he encounters?

5. How does the high command in Jerusalem learn of the location of the downed Concorde 02?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Prime Minister decide to ask the Americans to do the air reconnaissance mission over Iraq?

2. Why is Salim Tayid able to survive when none of the other Ashbals attacking the west bank do?

3. To what does Major Bartok eventually attribute the successful defense of Concorde 02?

4. What motives does Nathan Burg attribute to Jacob Hausner for wanting to stay behind when the aircraft left the mountaintop?

5. Which countries are now involved in the events in Babylon?

6. Why does Benjamin Dobkin have a sense of deja vu when he enters by the Ishtar Gate?

7. Why does Dr. Al-Thanni remind Joshua Giddel of Archimedes?

8. How does Yigael Tekoah become a hero?

9. How and when was Jeremiah's prophecy fulfilled that said, "The sea shall come up upon Babylon; she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof"?

10. How have the attackers improved their tactics for the second attack?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

An objective story is one in which the author does not appear to favor one character over others, but presents both sides of any issue impartially. Is DeMille an objective reporter of the disputes between Israelis and Arabs? Why or why not? Tell how you arrived at your conclusion.

Essay Topic 2

The quotation of scriptural prophecies create the impression that DeMille wants readers to see the characters in this story as part of Biblical prophecy. In your essay, analyze whether these characters see themselves as part of a long history or as isolated participants in a single event, alone and unsupported in the larger world. Use quotations from the story to substantiate your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

The Diaspora - the scattering of captive Jews throughout different lands as a result of captivity - has a strong effect on Jews in Israel as well as on those who are themselves scattered. In your essay, discuss the effect on this story of the Jews in the Iraqi Ummah.

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