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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Samuel Bartok offer to do regardless of whether the rescue mission succeeds?
(a) Tell the story of what happened in Babylon.
(b) Take the Iraqi Jews home to Israel.
(c) Hunt down and kill Ahmed Rish.
(d) Kill the remaining Ashbals.

2. How many Ashbals participate in the final attack?
(a) More than seventy.
(b) Fewer than forty.
(c) More than fifty.
(d) Fewer than twenty.

3. What is shared by all of Miriam Bernstein's dead loved ones?
(a) None died honorably.
(b) None have gravesites.
(c) None died dishonorably.
(d) None are documented.

4. Why does the foreign minister think Jacob Hausner stayed behind?
(a) To capture Ahmed Rish.
(b) To avoid facing an inquiry.
(c) For the sake of the others.
(d) For the honor of the sacrifice.

5. What is the Hebrew word for the Hamseen?
(a) Shalom.
(b) Sherji.
(c) Sharav.
(d) Scirocco.

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Salem Hamadi from murdering Ahmed Rish?

2. What does Jacob Hausner decide never to tell Miriam Bernstein?

3. What will happen to Jacob Hausner if he stays concealed after the attackers have passed him?

4. What information does Ahmed Rish refuse to give Jacob Hausner?

5. Why does Teddy Laskov forbid David Becker to move the Concorde?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jacob Hausner think it is better for Miriam Bernstein to cry and howl when she is suffering pain and grief?

2. Why does Benjamin Dobkin have a sense of deja vu when he enters by the Ishtar Gate?

3. What is the purpose of Ibrahim Arif's taunting of Salem Hamadi?

4. Why does Ahmed Rish have to wash his face and hands after his interrogation of Deborah Gideon?

5. How have the attackers improved their tactics for the second attack?

6. What is Peter Kahn's biggest concern throughout the ordeal?

7. What incentives do the young Ashbal fighters have that they did not have during the first attack?

8. Why does Nathan Burg veto the idea of attempting an escape at night?

9. Why does Salem Hamadi understand that their attempt at getting money by taking the passengers of the Concorde 02 is over whether they win or lose the assault?

10. To what does Major Bartok eventually attribute the successful defense of Concorde 02?

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