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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had the Arab Legion left behind in the hills above the Plain of Sharon?
(a) Three AK47s.
(b) Three spy cameras.
(c) Three machine guns.
(d) Three 120mm mortars with rounds.

2. What is the Hamseen?
(a) The hot desert wind.
(b) The black and white head scarves worn by Palestinians.
(c) An Israeli greeting.
(d) A Jewish holiday.

3. How does Nuri Salameh feel about the work of sabotage he had done?
(a) It is an act of justice.
(b) It is a great sin.
(c) It is a blow against Israel.
(d) It is a defense of the downtrodden.

4. What does Richardson recommend the group do?
(a) Attempt escape.
(b) Negotiate.
(c) Fight to the death.
(d) Commit mass suicide.

5. Why is Jacob Hausner able to take charge of the defenders?
(a) He has the highest military standing.
(b) He has the highest civilian standing.
(c) He was chosen by vote.
(d) He commands the only trained fighters in the group.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hausner carry back up the hill to the Concorde?

2. For what does Tom Richardson apologize to Teddy Laskov?

3. What defense do the defenders copy from Archimedes?

4. What last-minute changes are made to increase the security of the Concorde flights?

5. Why is Abdel Majid Jabari hated by many Palestinians?

Short Essay Questions

1. What change comes over David Becker as he pilots the endangered aircraft?

2. Why does Chaim Mazar hope that Isaac Burg, Benjamin Dobkin, and Miriam Bernstein are all dead?

3. Why does Jacob Hausner say that he will help find medications that can kill a person if taken in overdose for Benjamin Dobkin?

4. What does the kheffiyah worn by Abdel Majid Jabari symbolize and why does it put him in danger?

5. How does Benjamin Dobkin react to Jacob Hausner's assumption of leadership within the defenders?

6. A number of characters feel they have failed when the Lear jet comes into the air space of the Concorde. Who feels responsible for their failure to protect the aircraft, and why?

7. What reputation do the Jews have regarding terrorism and how is it affecting the present situation?

8. As Benjamin Dobkin watches the attackers advance, he thinks that he would give them a low grade on tactics. What do they do wrong?

9. What compels the stay-behind members of the Palestinian Auxiliary Corps to shell the Lod Airport?

10. What leads Benjamin Dobkin to decide that the terrorists are "very clever fellows"?

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