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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is a last-minute addition to the flight on Concorde 01?
(a) Teddy Laskov.
(b) David Becker.
(c) Tom Richardson.
(d) John McClure.

2. Why is Jerusalem unable to track the flight of the Concorde and its assailant over land?
(a) They are flying too high.
(b) They are flying too low.
(c) They are flying blind.
(d) They are too close together.

3. Why does Ahmed Rish have a grudge against Jacob Hausner?
(a) Jacob Hausner humiliated Ahmed Rish by striking him under interrogation.
(b) Jacob Hausner broadcast Ahmed Rish's description.
(c) Jacob Hausner tortured Ahmed Rish during interrogation.
(d) Jacob Hausner killed Ahmed Rish's family.

4. Why does Benjamin Dobkin think the terrorists will attack quickly?
(a) The longer they wait, the more weary they become.
(b) The longer they wait, the more organized the defense becomes.
(c) The longer they wait, the more discouraged they become.
(d) The longer they wait, the worse the light becomes.

5. Why is Benjamin Dobkin sure Ahmed Rish has chosen the guest house in the ruins as his command center?
(a) It has clear radio reception.
(b) It covers the entrance to the Ishtar gate.
(c) Only it has the electricity and running water.
(d) It is the only intact building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ahmed Rish slap Jacob Hausner?

2. When does Nuri Salameh believe his fate was determined?

3. What does Peter Kahn see as his mission?

4. What has Tom Richardson come to get from Teddy Laskov?

5. What is pilot David Becker counting as he flies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reputation do the Jews have regarding terrorism and how is it affecting the present situation?

2. What similarities do the defenders see between themselves and those at Masada?

3. What is the metaphor that Ahmed Rish uses about the joker in the deck?

4. What does the kheffiyah worn by Abdel Majid Jabari symbolize and why does it put him in danger?

5. How many civilizations overran Iraq in ancient history, and which did the worst destruction?

6. How does Benjamin Dobkin react to Jacob Hausner's assumption of leadership within the defenders?

7. As an Algerian in France, Nuri Salameh is a "stranger in a strange land." Do you think that situation makes a difference in his decision to obey Ahmed Rish and plant the bomb on the aircraft?

8. Why does Chaim Mazar hope that Isaac Burg, Benjamin Dobkin, and Miriam Bernstein are all dead?

9. Why do you think Tom Richardson reacts with such great emotion when Teddy Laskov tells him that he has to be careful in giving out the information about the protection being given for the Concordes?

10. As Benjamin Dobkin watches the attackers advance, he thinks that he would give them a low grade on tactics. What do they do wrong?

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