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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the wind help the attackers?
(a) The wind is at their backs, pushing them forward.
(b) The wind irritates and confuses the defenders.
(c) The wind is a sign that God is on their side.
(d) The defenders can't see them coming.

2. What keeps Salem Hamadi from murdering Ahmed Rish?
(a) Ahmed Rish is Salem Hamadi's military superior.
(b) Ahmed Rish is a better fighter than Salem Hamadi.
(c) Ahmed Rish is a hero to the Palestinian people.
(d) Ahmed Rish inspires Salem Hamadi.

3. What offense is committed by Miriam Bernstein?
(a) Insubordination.
(b) Refusing to bear arms.
(c) Sleeping on guard duty.
(d) Inciting to mutiny.

4. What does Salem Hamadi learn from the officer in the rear area?
(a) The Jewish Iraqis have helped Benjamin Dobkin.
(b) Help is on the way from Jerusalem.
(c) The Ashbals are in rebellion against Ahmed Rish.
(d) Benjamin Dobkin made contact with Jerusalem.

5. What does Jacob Hausner say will be their first action if they are overrun?
(a) Surrender.
(b) Rescue the wounded.
(c) Shoot Ahmed Rish.
(d) Shoot the wounded.

6. What do the joint chiefs in Jerusalem decide to do?
(a) Ask for an American reconnaissance flight.
(b) Send an Israeli reconnaissance flight.
(c) Give up the idea of a reconnaissance flight.
(d) Request an Iraqi reconnaissance flight.

7. How does Ibrahim Arif support the defense effort?
(a) By taunting the Palestinian orphans.
(b) By taunting Ahmed Rish and Salem Hamadi.
(c) By taunting Jacob Hausner.
(d) By taunting the defenders to make them angrier.

8. What does Ariel Weizman want the defenders to do?
(a) Escape down the west bank and cross the Euphrates.
(b) Form a Masada pact and commit suicide.
(c) Fight to the death.
(d) Wait for word from Jerusalem.

9. What information does Ahmed Rish give Jacob Hausner?
(a) Benjamin Dobkin is alive.
(b) Deborah Gideon is alive.
(c) Yosef Bernstein was shot down and killed.
(d) Tom Richardson was the spy.

10. Why do the attackers continue forward with Israeli forces coming up behind them?
(a) Falling back is certain death at the hands of Ahmed Rish.
(b) The Israelis in front are less well-armed.
(c) They are fatigued and confused.
(d) Capturing a hostage will keep them alive.

11. How does Isaac Burg explain the defenders' success?
(a) Self-defense is reflexive.
(b) They fought to defend peace as mothers defend cubs.
(c) They were fighting to defend life and limb.
(d) They had well-trained combatants to teach them.

12. As the attackers near the crest, why are they unable to retreat?
(a) They would lose face.
(b) They would fall in the darkness.
(c) There will be more casualties retreating than advancing.
(d) They are too anxious for the fight.

13. What does Jacob Hausner order Miriam Bernstein to do before the final battle?
(a) Tell him goodbye.
(b) Tend the wounded.
(c) Get into the Concorde.
(d) Learn to shoot.

14. What makes Babylon so difficult for outside help to access?
(a) The flooding Euphrates and the wind.
(b) The language barrier.
(c) The lack of roads and communication systems.
(d) The hostile central government.

15. What is motivating the Ashbals for the fight?
(a) They have been promised revenge and riches.
(b) They have been promised a reality TV show.
(c) They have been promised glory and honor.
(d) They have been promised eternal rewards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Hebrew word for the Hamseen?

2. How does Teddy Laskov believe Miriam Bernstein will have been changed by her experience?

3. What connection does Benjamin Dobkin, like most Jews, have with Babylon?

4. What message does Teddy Laskov radio to Miriam Bernstein?

5. What does Ahmed Rish think is the advantage the gods have sent the attackers?

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