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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the language similarity between Hebrew and Arabic ironic?
(a) The words are similar, but the meanings are different.
(b) The two languages are similar; the two peoples are ancient enemies.
(c) The languages are similar, but they cannot understand one another.
(d) The peoples are linguistically similar but geographically separated.

2. Which colorful character's end is not known, so that he might turn up again in another DeMille novel?
(a) John McClure.
(b) Jacob Hausner.
(c) Ahmed Rish.
(d) Tom Richardson.

3. How does the high command in Jerusalem learn of the location of the downed Concorde 02?
(a) Radio transmission.
(b) High-altitude infrared photographs.
(c) Reports from a nearby village.
(d) Guessing from military experience.

4. Why does Teddy Laskov believe Ahmed Rish has not called Jerusalem with demands?
(a) The peace delegation has all been killed.
(b) Ahmed Rish has been killed.
(c) Ahmed Rish is trying to increase suspense and desperation.
(d) Ahmed Rish does not have the peace delegation under control.

5. What information does Chaim Mazar give the joint chiefs?
(a) The identity of the spy, Tom Richardson.
(b) The identity of the spy, Miriam Bernstein.
(c) The identity of the spy, John McClure.
(d) The identity of the spy, Jacob Hausner.

6. Why does Jacob Hausner think he has been cursed rather than blessed when he escapes death again?
(a) He wants the responsibility to be someone else's.
(b) He wants to die.
(c) He wants the peril to end.
(d) He doesn't want to have to kill Ahmed Rish.

7. What does Peter Kahn finally succeed in doing?
(a) Arming the non-combatants with homemade hand grenades.
(b) Getting ignition for the Concorde engine.
(c) Making radio contact with Jerusalem.
(d) Repairing the broken wing of the aircraft.

8. What language does Benjamin Dobkin speak to the villagers he encounters?
(a) Arabic.
(b) Hebrew.
(c) Aramaic.
(d) English.

9. What does Major Bartok find ironic about Isaac Burg's account of the incident?
(a) Israelis defeated Palestinians.
(b) Women overcame men.
(c) The defenders didn't want for the rescuers.
(d) A peace delegation defeated an armed force.

10. How many Ashbals participate in the final attack?
(a) Fewer than twenty.
(b) More than fifty.
(c) Fewer than forty.
(d) More than seventy.

11. What does Jacob Hausner say is more awful than the desolation of Babylon when he looks at the picture of Ahmed Rish?
(a) The human body degraded.
(b) People's faith abandoned.
(c) The human soul debased.
(d) The human mind in ruins.

12. What does Hausner believe the Jews should learn from the fate of Jews in Europe?
(a) To be aggressive, not passive.
(b) To be pessimistic, not optimistic.
(c) To be forgiving, not vengeful.
(d) To be suspicious, not trusting.

13. What does Salem Hamadi learn from the officer in the rear area?
(a) Help is on the way from Jerusalem.
(b) The Jewish Iraqis have helped Benjamin Dobkin.
(c) The Ashbals are in rebellion against Ahmed Rish.
(d) Benjamin Dobkin made contact with Jerusalem.

14. Why is Saul Ezer encouraged by the delegates in New York?
(a) It is the most intelligent group he has seen.
(b) It is the most varied group he has seen.
(c) It is the most well-briefed group he has seen.
(d) It is the most congenial group he has seen.

15. What does Jacob Hausner encourage Moshe Kaplan to do?
(a) Attempt to shoot Ahmed Rish.
(b) Take an outpost position to warn the others.
(c) Attempt an escape down the west side.
(d) Collect ammunition for Naomi Haber.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has David Becker done throughout the standoff?

2. How is the second onslaught by the attackers better done than the first?

3. How has Miriam Bernstein put Jacob Hausner in a compromising position?

4. What is motivating the Ashbals for the fight?

5. Which of the attackers makes his way onto the Concorde before it falls from the ledge?

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