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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ahmed Rish manage to wound Jacob Hausner?
(a) By shooting him from behind.
(b) By mocking his failure as head of security for the flight.
(c) By attacking with a concealed knife.
(d) By throwing sand in his face.

2. What message does Teddy Laskov radio to Miriam Bernstein?
(a) See you soon.
(b) I love you.
(c) Good job.
(d) Chin up.

3. What keeps Salem Hamadi from murdering Ahmed Rish?
(a) Ahmed Rish is a better fighter than Salem Hamadi.
(b) Ahmed Rish inspires Salem Hamadi.
(c) Ahmed Rish is Salem Hamadi's military superior.
(d) Ahmed Rish is a hero to the Palestinian people.

4. Why is helping the rescue operation a no-lose situation for the Iraqi government?
(a) The peace mission will be salvaged either way and Iraq wants peace.
(b) The news will show the impregnability of Iraq to the world.
(c) If it fails, it's an Israeli tragedy; if it succeeds, Iraq has helped.
(d) Iraq will get good international publicity either way.

5. Why does Teddy Laskov go into the stratosphere on the way home?
(a) To reassure the defenders of Israeli air power.
(b) To show off for Miriam Bernstein.
(c) To reassure himself of Israeli air power.
(d) To see the permanence of the earth and stars.

6. How does the wind help the attackers?
(a) The wind is a sign that God is on their side.
(b) The wind is at their backs, pushing them forward.
(c) The defenders can't see them coming.
(d) The wind irritates and confuses the defenders.

7. What information does Ahmed Rish refuse to give Jacob Hausner?
(a) Deborah Gideon is alive.
(b) Tom Richardson was the spy.
(c) Benjamin Dobkin is alive.
(d) Yosef Bernstein was shot down and killed.

8. What does Major Bartok find ironic about Isaac Burg's account of the incident?
(a) A peace delegation defeated an armed force.
(b) Women overcame men.
(c) Israelis defeated Palestinians.
(d) The defenders didn't want for the rescuers.

9. Why is the language similarity between Hebrew and Arabic ironic?
(a) The languages are similar, but they cannot understand one another.
(b) The two languages are similar; the two peoples are ancient enemies.
(c) The peoples are linguistically similar but geographically separated.
(d) The words are similar, but the meanings are different.

10. What solution does Miriam Bernstein propose?
(a) Forming a Masada suicide pact.
(b) Bargaining with Ahmed Rish.
(c) A frontal assault against the invaders.
(d) Attacking the small force on the west side.

11. What does Moshe Kaplan's sacrifice accomplish?
(a) Killed Ahmed Rish.
(b) Nothing; it was a waste.
(c) Killed attackers and warned the defenders.
(d) Killed the entire invading group.

12. How long does the second attack last?
(a) All night.
(b) Seventeen minutes.
(c) Thirty-nine minutes.
(d) Two hours and fifteen minutes.

13. What does Jacob Hausner say will be their first action if they are overrun?
(a) Rescue the wounded.
(b) Shoot the wounded.
(c) Shoot Ahmed Rish.
(d) Surrender.

14. What does Ariel Weizman want the defenders to do?
(a) Escape down the west bank and cross the Euphrates.
(b) Fight to the death.
(c) Form a Masada pact and commit suicide.
(d) Wait for word from Jerusalem.

15. Why does Teddy Laskov forbid David Becker to move the Concorde?
(a) Teddy Laskov believes they will kill the attackers he wants to interrogate.
(b) Teddy Laskov thinks the ship will explode.
(c) Teddy Laskov wants to be the one to rescue the defenders.
(d) Teddy Laskov believes they will all be killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Chaim Mazar give the joint chiefs?

2. What will happen to Ahmed Rish and Salem Hamadi if the attack fails?

3. Why does Miriam Bernstein think Jacob Hausner stayed behind?

4. Why is the defense of the downed aircraft a battle of attrition?

5. What does Jacob Hausner say is more awful than the desolation of Babylon when he looks at the picture of Ahmed Rish?

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