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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nuri Salameh feel about the work of sabotage he had done?
(a) It is a defense of the downtrodden.
(b) It is an act of justice.
(c) It is a great sin.
(d) It is a blow against Israel.

2. What does Peter Kahn see as his mission?
(a) To make radio contact with Jerusalem.
(b) To get the APU to power the Concorde.
(c) To train the defenders in weaponry.
(d) To build the defensive line.

3. What defense do the defenders copy from Archimedes?
(a) They use clothing as slings.
(b) They build catapults.
(c) They use aluminum sheets to reflect the sun.
(d) They all enter the airplane, like the Trojan horse.

4. What does Ahmed Rish refer to as the joker in the deck?
(a) The Palestinians in Israel.
(b) The bomb on the plane.
(c) The saboteur in the group.
(d) The terrorists in the Middle East.

5. What does Miriam Bernstein hope to gain personally in New York?
(a) Information about her parents.
(b) Contact with Teddy Laskov.
(c) Information about her missing son.
(d) Information about her missing husband.

6. Why does Jacob Hausner think Ahmed Rish has chosen Babylon for a location?
(a) It is surrounded by allies.
(b) It is far from anyone who could help.
(c) It symbolizes the captivity of the Jews.
(d) It is scenic and restful.

7. How many assailants are there, according to the captive?
(a) Five hundred.
(b) One hundred fifty.
(c) Three hundred.
(d) Seven hundred and fifty.

8. What is David Becker's worst fear?
(a) Getting too old to fly.
(b) A terrorist prison camp.
(c) Flying.
(d) Being shot down.

9. What has secured Babylon's place in history?
(a) Its Ishtar Gate still stands.
(b) It has risen like a phoenix to new glory.
(c) Its hanging gardens have never been duplicated.
(d) Its utter destruction fulfilled Biblical prophecy.

10. What approaches the Concorde flights unexpectedly?
(a) A civilian Lear jet.
(b) An earth-to-air missile.
(c) A military Lear jet.
(d) An unidentified airplane.

11. How does Ahmed Rish prevent communication between Concorde 02 and anyone else?
(a) He has destroyed their radios.
(b) He has jammed the radio frequencies.
(c) He has turned down their volume.
(d) He has threatened them if they sent a signal.

12. What does Nuri Salameh worry about in Algeria?
(a) His family members who still live there.
(b) The increase in terrorist activity.
(c) The political climate.
(d) The influx of refugees.

13. What does Ahmed Rish say the joker does for the game of diplomacy?
(a) The polite game becomes ominous.
(b) The game becomes more interesting.
(c) The polite game begins.
(d) The game is over.

14. What did Jacob Hausner bring with him that impresses Benjamin Dobkin?
(a) A psychological profile and identikit on Ahmed Rish.
(b) Ammunition.
(c) An extra generator.
(d) Cyanide pellets.

15. What thought comforts David Becker during the terrifying flight?
(a) His worst flight has been his best.
(b) He will bring his passengers home alive.
(c) He has outwitted Ahmed Rish.
(d) He has a plan to reduce his fear of flying.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Naomi Haber want to be a sniper?

2. What does Nuri Salameh offer to do in Toulouse?

3. What last-minute changes are made to increase the security of the Concorde flights?

4. What first lets Nuri Salameh know he will not be going home from the meeting with Ahmed Rish?

5. What does Teddy Laskov want to know from Miriam Bernstein?

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