Objects & Places from By the Rivers of Babylon

Nelson Demille
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This place is an ancient city in Iraq, bordered by the Euphrates River.


This is the Arabic name for the hot desert wind.


This is the name of Palestinian orphans of the wars with Israel, recruited for a terrorist operation.

Lod International Airport

This place is the take-off point in Israel for the peace delegation headed to New York.

Ramla Prison

This place is the Israeli prison where suspected terrorists are interrogated.

Ishtar Gate

This place is the base camp of the terrorist group in the desolate and ancient city in Iraq.


This place is a village of approximately fifty Jews, descendants of the Jews captured in Israel thousands of years ago.

St. Nazaire

The assembly plant in this place is where the bomb on the 01 is hidden on the Concorde.


This location is manned to detect terrorist movement.

Euphrates River


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