Daily Lessons for Teaching By the Rivers of Babylon

Nelson Demille
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, France: St. Nazaire)


A blurb is a quotation on a book cover or in the front matter that the publishers believe will lead people to pick up the book and buy it. Blurbs are carefully chosen, because it is said that the average book buyer decides whether to purchase a book in less than a minute. Critics use the word "suspense" in the blurbs that are included on the book cover of By the Rivers of Babylon. Suspense is defined as a feeling of uncertainty or excitement about the outcome of a story. Today's objective is to predict from the cover information and front matter what will create the suspense in this story and why the publishers have put such emphasis on that quality.


1. Individual reading/writing: Count and record in your reading log the number of times the word "suspense" or "suspenseful" is found on the cover...

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