By the Rivers of Babylon Fun Activities

Nelson Demille
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Research: Looking at Babylon

Since this story is set in an unusual but very real place, make a poster showing pictures of the setting of this story.

Research: The Bible Connection

Look up the stories of Daniel in the court of Belshazzar and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. Prepare a retelling or dramatic presentation of these stories for your classmates. Consider that it is Ahmed Rish who reminds Jacob Hausner and Benjamin Dobkin of these ancient stories. What effect does he intend the retelling to have on the Jewish men?

Creative Writing: The Sequel

Two of the characters, Naomi Haber and John McClure, are unaccounted for at the conclusion of the story. Write a plausible story for what happened to one or both of them after this book is over. Did Naomi Haber kill Nathan Brin to prevent him being tortured by the attackers? Did they contact each other...

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