By the Rivers of Babylon Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Nelson Demille
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Essay Topic 1

The hot desert wind has many names: Hamseen, Sharav, and Sherji. It has importance as a symbol to the Arabs and Israelis in this story as well as playing a physical part in the outcome of the story. In your essay, explain the effect of the wind on the minds and bodies of the characters.

Essay Topic 2

Masada is important both as a cautionary tale and as a plan for the trapped defenders. Research the happenings at Masada and write an essay explaining its similarities and differences to the fictional situation in this story, and its importance in the minds of the characters.

Essay Topic 3

The kheffiyah (keffiyah) plays an important role in this story, as it both identifies and disguises characters. Write an essay explaining how an article of clothing can carry such weight of identity. Use scenes from the story in which characters either...

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