By the Rivers of Babylon Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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Miriam Bernstein

This character is a Holocaust survivor who is now Israel's Deputy Minister of Transportation.

Jacob Hausner

This character is the chief of El Al security and takes charge of the group stranded in Babylon.

Ahmed Rish

This character is an Iraqi terrorist who leads a band of Palestinian orphans.

David Becker

This character is an American Jew who pilots one of the Concordes, hoping that this flight will be his last.

Tom Richardson

This character is an American Air Force colonel who has sold the details of the Concorde flight plan to the terrorists.

John McClure

This character is a CIA agent who kills the traitor.

Teddy Laskov

This character is a Brigadier General in the Israeli Air Force, assigned to fly escort and protection for the Concordes.

Abdel Majid Jabari

This character is one of two Arabs assigned to the New York peace conference. He...

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