By the Rivers of Babylon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Prologue, France: St. Nazaire

• Nuri Salameh, an apprentice electrician, plants a bomb on the Concorde as it is being assembled.

• Nuri Salameh is discovered in the area where the bomb has been attached, but not suspected of wrongdoing.

• Nuri Salameh goes home to his wife and four children.
• Nuri Salameh reports to Ahmed Rish that the bomb has been successfully planted.

• Ahmed Rish questions Nuri Salameh in detail about the operation.

• Nuri Salameh offers to go to the second assembly plant and put a bomb on the second Concorde.
• Ahmed Rish rejects Nuri Salameh's offer and has him killed.

• Ahmed Rish refers to the group as the "jokers in the deck."

• The workers complete the assembly of the Concorde, adding last the label, "El Al."

Book One, Israel: Chapters 1-5

• Palestinian operatives are called to activate buried missiles that had been aimed at the Lod airport many years...

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