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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Dr. Lyman heading?
(a) San Francisco.
(b) Portland.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Las Vegas.

2. Who does Cherie talk to about Bo?
(a) Virgil.
(b) Dr. Lyman.
(c) Elma.
(d) Will.

3. Where does Act II take place?
(a) The same place as Act I.
(b) Outside of the restaurant.
(c) At a new stop that the bus made.
(d) On the bus.

4. What does Elma say about the dress she will wear to the symphony?
(a) She will surprise him with it.
(b) She will wear black.
(c) She isn't sure which one she will pick.
(d) She will look very pretty in it.

5. What does Will do to Bo at the end of the fight?
(a) Will slams Bo into a table.
(b) Will drags Bo off to the jail.
(c) Will puts handcuffs on Bo.
(d) Will punches Bo and knocks him out.

6. What does Dr. Lyman think it is no longer possible for people to give enough for?
(a) To make a relationship work.
(b) To find inner peace.
(c) To experience true love.
(d) To find happiness.

7. What is Elma doing as Act II opens?
(a) Reading a magazine.
(b) Sulking.
(c) Playing on a guitar.
(d) Chatting with Dr. Lyman.

8. About how long after Act I did Act II occur?
(a) A few minutes.
(b) A week.
(c) A day.
(d) An hour.

9. Which of the following best describes how Dr. Lyman feels about where he used to work and the students there?
(a) Anger.
(b) Disdain.
(c) Relief.
(d) Respect.

10. What does Will go off to check?
(a) Road conditions.
(b) Status of the food.
(c) Where Carl went.
(d) If Bo's temper has calmed down.

11. What does Dr. Lyman agree to play?
(a) Some accompaning music.
(b) Guitar.
(c) Romeo.
(d) Cards.

12. What happens between the person who intervenes and Bo?
(a) They start to fight.
(b) They go outside.
(c) They go outside and walk down the road.
(d) They decide to call a truce.

13. Which of the following is not true about Dr. Lyman?
(a) Harvard graduate.
(b) Rhodes Scholar.
(c) Ph. D.
(d) Summa Cum Laude.

14. What does Virgil ask from Cherie in order to keep playing?
(a) That she will sing.
(b) That they accompany him.
(c) That she bring him a drink.
(d) That she sit closer to him.

15. Which of the following best describes Dr. Lyman's life?
(a) Disasterous.
(b) Natural.
(c) Unstable.
(d) Normal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bo decide not to follow through on his plan in regards to Cherie?

2. What does Virgil tell Bo he needs to do if he wants Cherie to talk to him?

3. What is Virgil doing as Act II opens?

4. What happened when Cherie was ready to buy her own ticket?

5. What do Virgil and Bo talk about that Virgil hopes will distract Bo?

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