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Short Answer Questions

1. What flaw in the Constitution does Burr find important but refuse to tell Jefferson?

2. After the duel with Hamilton, how does Burr's political career fair?

3. After being captured on February 19, 1807, where is Burr taken?

4. Why is Charlie shocked when Van Buren says he will go visit Burr?

5. In the first week of August in 1806, where does Burr travel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How much is the publisher to which Sam Swartwout introduces Charlie willing to pay for Burr's memoirs, and what are the stipulations?

2. Describe Jefferson's beliefs about States' rights.

3. Describe James Wilkinson's involvement in the Spanish Conspiracy.

4. What role does Jefferson play in Burr's treason trial after he is captured on February 19, 1807? What is his purpose?

5. Describe the comparison that Charlie makes between Burr and Leggett soon after the great fire which burned 700 buildings.

6. What factors upset Charlie most when he finds out that his consulship is coming to an end?

7. What does the Constitution stipulate regarding treason trials, and how does this affect Jefferson's case against Burr?

8. How does Charlie respond when Mr. Bryant tells him not to publish the pamphlet, and what effect does this response have on Byrant?

9. Describe Burr's initial conversation with Anthony Merry.

10. What does Burr find out about Wilkinson's true occupation and what does this discovery mean?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay evaluating the role of memory as a theme in the novel. How does memory affect plot development?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay in which you evaluate the novel's own commentary on itself. What does the novel have to say about history? What about texts? How does the novel define itself?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay analyzing the significance of idealism in the novel.

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