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Madame Jumel's Mansion

This is the place Aaron Burr marries on July 31, 1833.

Trinity Church Cemetery

This is where Alexander Hamilton is buried.

Burr's Biography

This is to be written by Charlie Schuyler to record the facts of the Revolutionary War.

The Evening Post

This is the paper edited by William Leggett.

Mrs. Townsend's Home

This is the brothel where Charlie meets Helen Jewett.


This is where Martin van Buren was born and where Colonel Burr used to lodge.

Texas Territory

This is where Burr hoped to make a fortune purchasing land grants and then selling them to German immigrants.

Quebec Fort

This is where the failed attempt of the Continental Army to seize the fort and annex Canada to the U.S. occurs.

Continental Army

This is composed of New Englanders and commanded by General George Washington.

Valley Forge

This is the hillside just outside of Philadelphia...

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