Burr Character Descriptions

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Charlie Schuyler

This character writes for The Evening Post and narrates part of the novel.

Aaron Burr

This character is 77 years old and marries for the second time at the beginning of the book.

William Leggett

This character once aspired to be an actor, but failed and became editor of The Evening Post.

Martin van Buren

This character is the child of the eighth President of the United States.

Madame Jumel

This character is reputed to have gotten a start at a brothel in Rhode Island.

Dr. Bogart

This character is a clergyman who performs a marriage ceremony in Washington Heights.

John Hancock

This character was president of the Continental Congress.

Dolly Quincy

This character married the president of the Continental Congress.

George Washington

This character is the appointed General from Virginia of the Continental Army.

Sam Swartwout

This character is the collector of taxes for the New...

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