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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pale's wife and kids are in __________because she could not handle Pale's lifestyle.
(a) Tallahassee.
(b) Coral Gables.
(c) Sarasota.
(d) Miami Beach.

2. Anna tells Pale that what happened between them should not have happened. Pale asks her______.
(a) If she wants breakfast.
(b) If she will go on vacation with him.
(c) If she is sleeping with Burton.
(d) If she is afraid of him.

3. As she leaves Larry asks where she is going and she replies that she is heading to __________.
(a) Fred's studio.
(b) Burton's apartment.
(c) Catch up with Pale before he leaves.
(d) Burton's studio.

4. What is the name of the bar where Pale is now working?
(a) Tommy's.
(b) Jimmy's.
(c) Bobby's.
(d) Danny's.

5. The poet told him that _________was inspired by that sound and wrote a poem based on it.
(a) Robert Blake.
(b) Edgar Allen Poe.
(c) Robert Browning.
(d) Walt Whitman.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Anna is undressing offstage Burton asks her if she _______.

2. After vomiting in the bathroom, Pale walks out of the bathroom holding ________.

3. What does Pale get from Anna's room before he leaves?

4. Pale gets up and attempts to leave because he is worried that associating with them will ________.

5. Anna explains to Pale that he can't show up at her place drunk. He lunges at Burton who throws Pale _______.

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