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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anna then goes into the bedroom and returns with _______.
(a) Sheets.
(b) Pillowcases.
(c) Pillows.
(d) Pale's cigarettes.

2. When Anna returns from the play she is wearing a party dress and ___________.
(a) White gloves.
(b) A coat.
(c) A hat.
(d) A scarf.

3. Why can't Anna read the note from Larry?
(a) She feels guilty because it is not for her.
(b) She is crying.
(c) Larry has already destroyed it.
(d) She can't read Larry's writing.

4. Pale finishes his tea, puts on his shoes, and ________Anna before he walks out of the door.
(a) Hugs.
(b) Looks at.
(c) Pushes Larry.
(d) Kisses.

5. Larry comments that _________at gay New Year's Eve parties is higher than all of Scandinavia.
(a) Depression.
(b) Hard drinking.
(c) The suicide rate.
(d) Drug use.

Short Answer Questions

1. What holiday is occurring at the beginning of Act 2?

2. Anna wonders aloud whether she should _______for Pale.

3. Pale says he has vacation time coming up and they should go somewhere but Anna says ________.

4. Anna tells Larry that she had made up her mind that if Burton ________ one more time she would accept.

5. While Pale is making the tea for himself, Larry tells him that he thinks Robbie's death was _________.

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