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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even though Anna tells Burton that she thinks the characters are exciting, after her critique he feels that the characters are ___________.
(a) Flat.
(b) Not believable.
(c) Boring.
(d) Smaller.

2. Larry asks Anna and Burton when was the last time they saw________?
(a) Pale.
(b) A grown man cry.
(c) A play.
(d) A movie.

3. She tells Larry that she needs to go get some work done but what she actually needs is ________.
(a) To be alone.
(b) To be away from her apartment.
(c) To be with Burton.
(d) To find Pale.

4. Anna returns to the stage, but she is now wearing _________.
(a) Jeans and a t-shirt.
(b) A night shirt.
(c) A dressing gown.
(d) Sexy underwear.

5. On the opening night of the show, Burton asks if Anna is home. Larry says no and that __________.
(a) She is avoiding Pale.
(b) She has been working a lot.
(c) She misses Burton.
(d) She needs time alone.

6. Burton asks Anna what the difference is between a flute and a glass and she answers__________.
(a) Flutes are for champagne.
(b) One is an instrument.
(c) 50 bucks.
(d) Flutes are smaller.

7. Anna reads Burton's script and says that she likes it, but it is ________.
(a) Too short.
(b) Too long.
(c) Full of errors.
(d) Sad.

8. While Anna is in the bathroom, Pale gets up and goes to the window so he can _________.
(a) Feel the rain on his face.
(b) Vomit out the window.
(c) Get some fresh air.
(d) Smoke a cigarette.

9. Larry lights up a cigarette and tells Burton that Pale carries a _______ and thus he might be in danger.
(a) Stun gun.
(b) Gun.
(c) Knife.
(d) Money clip.

10. What is the name of the dance on which Anna has been working?
(a) "Burton and Anna."
(b) "Fred and Anna."
(c) "Joe and Anna."
(d) "Pale and Anna."

11. Pale tells Anna that he felt __________ to watch someone on stage that was supposed to be him and Anna.
(a) Sad.
(b) Angry.
(c) Embarrassed.
(d) Excited.

12. Burton asks Larry if Anna has continued to see Pale. Larry states that _________.
(a) Anna has been working a lot.
(b) Anna told Pale he scared her.
(c) Anna loves Burton.
(d) Anna threw Pale out the other day.

13. Burton begins talking about ________and how he is trying to protect himself from feelings about Anna.
(a) Defense mechanisms.
(b) His anger at Pale.
(c) His cocaine use.
(d) His drinking.

14. Anna wonders aloud whether she should _______for Pale.
(a) Get a blanket.
(b) Turn off the lights.
(c) Set an alarm.
(d) Get a pillow.

15. What is the name of the bar where Pale is now working?
(a) Tommy's.
(b) Jimmy's.
(c) Bobby's.
(d) Danny's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pale makes his way to the _______ even though Anna is telling him no.

2. Anna tells Pale that what happened between them should not have happened. Pale asks her______.

3. What are Larry's instructions to Pale regarding the note?

4. While Anna is undressing offstage Burton asks her if she _______.

5. After the two are separated, Anna attempts to send ________ away.

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