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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anna tells Pale that what happened between them should not have happened. Pale asks her______.
(a) If she wants breakfast.
(b) If she will go on vacation with him.
(c) If she is sleeping with Burton.
(d) If she is afraid of him.

2. When Anna returns from the play she is wearing a party dress and ___________.
(a) A hat.
(b) White gloves.
(c) A scarf.
(d) A coat.

3. Burton begins talking about ________and how he is trying to protect himself from feelings about Anna.
(a) His anger at Pale.
(b) Defense mechanisms.
(c) His cocaine use.
(d) His drinking.

4. What does Pale get from Anna's room before he leaves?
(a) The rest of his clothes.
(b) His watch.
(c) His hat.
(d) His cigarettes.

5. While Burton was at the poet's house they hear the sound of _________.
(a) Song birds.
(b) Traffic.
(c) Bells.
(d) Car alarms.

6. For a previous job, Burton made a delivery to a poet's house and they shared________.
(a) Dessert.
(b) A joint.
(c) A salad.
(d) Their writing.

7. Burton asks Anna what the difference is between a flute and a glass and she answers__________.
(a) One is an instrument.
(b) Flutes are smaller.
(c) Flutes are for champagne.
(d) 50 bucks.

8. While Anna is undressing offstage Burton asks her if she _______.
(a) Minds if he comes into the room.
(b) Is putting on something more comfortable.
(c) Is wearing her sexy black bra.
(d) Wants to move into his place.

9. After Pale tries repeatedly to convince Anna that their relationship could work, Anna tells Pale ________.
(a) She wants to see him again.
(b) She loves him.
(c) He scares her.
(d) She loves Burton.

10. After pouring Burton another drink, Larry tells him ________.
(a) That Anna is afraid of Pale.
(b) That Anna loves him.
(c) That the dance she is working on in called "Pale and Anna."
(d) That Anna threw Pale out.

11. What holiday is occurring at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) Christmas.
(b) New Year's Eve.
(c) Hannukah.
(d) Easter.

12. Burton corrects Anna's use of the word incubation and offers the word _______.
(a) Changing.
(b) Waiting.
(c) Metamorphosis.
(d) Transformation.

13. Larry comes in the front door as Burton and Anna share a toast and he is carrying ________.
(a) Three suitcases.
(b) Two suitcases.
(c) His coat and hat.
(d) Flowers for Anna.

14. When Anna tells Larry about the real piece that Burton is working on, Burton says________.
(a) He doesn't know why he is doing it.
(b) He thinks it is really good.
(c) That he wants Larry to read it.
(d) It is not finished.

15. Larry reminds Burton that Anna's life has been very sheltered. Burton agrees and wishes that________.
(a) That he could have seen Anna.
(b) That Anna could leave Pale.
(c) That Anna loved him.
(d) Things could have been different.

Short Answer Questions

1. Larry asks Anna and Burton when was the last time they saw________?

2. Larry is caught off guard when Burton puts his drink down and asks Larry ________.

3. Even though Anna tells Burton that she thinks the characters are exciting, after her critique he feels that the characters are ___________.

4. Larry tells Burton that the poet was trying to _______.

5. Anna asks _______to check and see if Pale is really leaving.

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