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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anna lets Pale know that Burton teaches _______ at the "Y."
(a) Jiu-jitsu.
(b) Aikido.
(c) Karate.
(d) Economics.

2. _______grabs his coat and leaves telling Anna that he will have to re-think their relationship.
(a) Robbie.
(b) Pale.
(c) Larry.
(d) Burton.

3. Anna wonders aloud whether she should _______for Pale.
(a) Get a blanket.
(b) Set an alarm.
(c) Turn off the lights.
(d) Get a pillow.

4. What does Pale get from Anna's room before he leaves?
(a) His hat.
(b) The rest of his clothes.
(c) His watch.
(d) His cigarettes.

5. Who does Pale say should have danced in the performance with Anna?
(a) Burton.
(b) Larry.
(c) Robbie.
(d) Fred.

6. As she leaves Larry asks where she is going and she replies that she is heading to __________.
(a) Burton's apartment.
(b) Fred's studio.
(c) Catch up with Pale before he leaves.
(d) Burton's studio.

7. Larry is caught off guard when Burton puts his drink down and asks Larry ________.
(a) To tell him if Anna is seeing Pale.
(b) To dance with him.
(c) To hit him.
(d) To show him how the dance looks.

8. The following morning, Larry is in the kitchen and Pale comes in out of Anna's room wearing_________.
(a) Boxers.
(b) Anna's robe.
(c) His robe.
(d) Nothing.

9. Anna then goes into the bedroom and returns with _______.
(a) Pale's cigarettes.
(b) Pillows.
(c) Sheets.
(d) Pillowcases.

10. Burton argues with Anna until Pale suggests that perhaps she is ________.
(a) Sleeping with Burton.
(b) In love with Burton.
(c) Afraid of him.
(d) Attracted to Larry.

11. What is the name of the dance on which Anna has been working?
(a) "Joe and Anna."
(b) "Pale and Anna."
(c) "Fred and Anna."
(d) "Burton and Anna."

12. Larry says that there was no mobster present when he was at the ___________.
(a) Club.
(b) Park.
(c) Restaurant.
(d) Museum.

13. After pouring Burton another drink, Larry tells him ________.
(a) That the dance she is working on in called "Pale and Anna."
(b) That Anna threw Pale out.
(c) That Anna is afraid of Pale.
(d) That Anna loves him.

14. Burton leaves a message for Anna, explaining that he had probably done too much ________ the night before and then the message cuts off.
(a) Fighting.
(b) Drinking.
(c) Meth.
(d) Coke.

15. Even though Anna tells Burton that she thinks the characters are exciting, after her critique he feels that the characters are ___________.
(a) Smaller.
(b) Not believable.
(c) Flat.
(d) Boring.

Short Answer Questions

1. Anna tells Pale that what happened between them should not have happened. Pale asks her______.

2. Larry comes in the front door as Burton and Anna share a toast and he is carrying ________.

3. There is a commotion at the door and when Larry goes to see who it is;_________ falls in drunk.

4. Burton asks Anna what the difference is between a flute and a glass and she answers__________.

5. Pale and his father were drinking and somebody had seen Robbie on television with _________and said someone ought to off him.

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