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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Larry allow Anna to go into his room during this scene of the play?
(a) She is avoiding an argument with Pale.
(b) She is afraid of Pale.
(c) She threatens to break down his door.
(d) He wants her to see his room.

2. When Pale comes back into the room he is wearing_______.
(a) Boxers and a t-shirt.
(b) Just jeans.
(c) Anna's robe.
(d) Jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Anna lets Pale know that Burton teaches _______ at the "Y."
(a) Jiu-jitsu.
(b) Karate.
(c) Economics.
(d) Aikido.

4. In what country does the Flying Dutchman finally meet his true love who will break the curse?
(a) Spain.
(b) Norway.
(c) Sweden.
(d) United States.

5. Who does Pale say should have danced in the performance with Anna?
(a) Burton.
(b) Fred.
(c) Robbie.
(d) Larry.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Anna returns from the play she is wearing a party dress and ___________.

2. She crossed the room without turning on the lights and _________ speaks form the shadows.

3. Larry comes in the front door as Burton and Anna share a toast and he is carrying ________.

4. How many years had it been since Robbie had even seen his parents, showing just how distant they'd become?

5. Even though Anna tells Burton that she thinks the characters are exciting, after her critique he feels that the characters are ___________.

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