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Act 1

• Burton enters Anna's apartment, having heard her roommate, Robbie, and his lover Dominic were killed.

• Anna is upset about the family's lack of knowledge of the two men's relationship.

• Anna's other roommate, Larry, arrives with groceries.

• Anna tells Burton about Robbie's family.

• Burton explains his idea for a new screenplay.

• Larry explains the myth of the Flying Dutchman.

• Burton and Larry talk about the state of movies.

• Larry chides Anna for not marrying Burton for his money.

• Anna will be traveling to teach Charlie's dance to other companies.

• Anna talks about the wake.

• Anna has a terrifying incident with butterflies.

• Anna asks about Larry's work designing a Christmas card

• Pale hollers to Anna from the hallway.

• Pale is Robbie's older brother - his real name is Jimmy.

• Pale asks if Anna has Robbie's belongings.

• Larry points out he was not invited to the wake.

• Pale admits to...

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