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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose life does Lorraine save in Chapter 36?
(a) Jamil's.
(b) Richard's.
(c) The police officer guarding Stephen and Nathaniel.
(d) Anita's.

2. What is Louie's relationship with Richard?
(a) He's Richard's landlord.
(b) He's Richard's best friend.
(c) He's Richard's coworker.
(d) He's Richard's second in command in the wolf pack.

3. Which of the following does not describe the vampire who can walk outside in the sunlight in Chapter 30?
(a) He has cured himself of vampirism.
(b) He believes he will not be punished in hell.
(c) Anita's cross does not blind or hurt him.
(d) He believes God has forgiven him and gives him strength.

4. What spirit does Anita channel as she is healing Nathaniel?
(a) The former wereleopard queen.
(b) Raina, the former lupa or queen of the werewolves.
(c) The former master vampire.
(d) The former wererat king.

5. Which of the following is against werewolf pack law?
(a) Leaving members of the pack behind.
(b) Fraternizing with vampires.
(c) Fraternizing with wereleopards.
(d) Leaving the pack territory.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Anita at the beginning of Chapter 47?

2. In Chapter 47, who does Dolph Storrs discover has faked a burning of a vampire business?

3. What organization takes responsibility for the firebombing of the vampire businesses in the city?

4. How does Detective Padgett feel about shapeshifters?

5. When a flower delivery man arrives in Chapter 32, from whom has he supposedly brought flowers for Anita?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 26, why is Richard angry with Anita?

2. What does Pete McKinnon ask Anita to assist him with in Chapter 34?

3. Who is Cherry and why is Richard angry with her in Chapter 27?

4. Describe the attack on Anita and her friends in Chapter 32.

5. How does Ronnie feel about Anita's relationships with Jean Claude and Richard, and how do Ronnie's opinions about the two men in Anita's life compare with Anita's opinions?

6. What explanation does Jean Claude give Anita for the unusual behavior that Caroline has observed among the vampires?

7. In what ways is Anita a mother figure to Larry and to the shapeshifters in the novel?

8. Who is Raina and how does Anita use Raina's power in Chapter 37?

9. In Chapter 47, who claims responsibility for the bombings of the vampire businesses in the area and what does Anita learn about the supposed attack on a human at the Burnt Offerings bar?

10. What special ability does Detective Padgett have and how does this ability influence his interactions with shapeshifters?

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