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1. What is Anita Blake's profession and how does this profession bring her into conflict during the novel?

Anita Blake's profession is vampire slaying and necromancy. Her profession of vampire slaying brings her into conflict during the novel because she is in love with Jean Claude, the master vampire of St. Louis.

2. Who is Larry Kirkland and what is his relationship with Anita?

Larry Kirkland is a vampire slayer in training. His relationship with Anita is that of trainee since Anita is his mentor/trainer in the art of vampire killing.

3. What is Humans First?

Humans First is an anti-vampire organization. They are a violent and radical group and they do things like firebomb vampire businesses and attack people they think are vampire friendly.

4. What is Larry doing when he is attacked by a member of Humans First?

When he is attacked by a member of Humans First, Larry is staking two vampires that do not want to rise from the dead, as stated in their dying wills. However, one of the vampires turns out to be a doctor at the hospital so Larry does not want to stake him. Because Larry refuses to stake the vampire, a member of Humans First grabs one of Larry's stakes and tries to kill him with it.

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