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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


In Burnt Offerings, Anita Blake meets with Captain Pete McKinnon of the St. Louis fire department. Captain McKinnon believes a pyrokinetic, someone who can start fires with psychic powers, is loose in St. Louis. He wants Anita to help him find and stop the pyrokinetic. This lesson will discuss Anita's meeting with Captain McKinnon and its importance as a catalyst in the novel. The meeting is the inciting incident that motivates Anita to begin investigating the strange fires in the city, an investigation that brings her face to face with hostile vampires and with a radical and violent human anti-vampire group.


1. Group Project: Divide the class into small groups. Have each group compile a list of facts Anita learns in Chapters 1 through 5 about the pyrokinetic and the fires breaking out across the city. Have each group also compile a list of theories about who might...

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