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Become a Puzzler

Using character names and/or terms from Laurell K. Hamilton's novel Burnt Offerings, create a word search or crossword puzzle. Share your puzzle with the rest of the class.

Cast a Movie

Imagine you're a movie director casting a movie version of Burnt Offerings. Which actors and actresses would you choose for each role and why? Be prepared to share your answers and the reasons you chose each actor with the rest of the class.

Create an Ad for Burnt Offerings

Using a combination of text and graphics, create an ad for Burnt Offerings, Harry's vampire bar.

Create a Collage

Choose any scene or character from Burnt Offerings and create a collage to illustrate that scene or that character's life.

Create a Vampire and Shapeshifter Dictionary

Create a dictionary of at least fifteen words and terms used by the preternatural creatures in Laurell K. Hamilton's...

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