Burnt Offerings Character Descriptions

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Anita Blake

This is the main character of the novel and a necromancer, as well as a licensed vampire executioner.


This character is the master vampire of St. Louis, Missouri.

Richard Zeeman

This character is the ulfric, or leader of the local werewolf pack in St. Louis, Missouri.


This character is the second in command of the local werewolf pack.


This character is the former lupa of the werewolf pack and is dead, but the character's spirit lives on.


This character is an injured wereleopard.


This character is a werewolf who defies orders to stay away from the leopards.


This character is a werewolf who also works for the master vampire. The character is terrified of a rotting vampire.

Irving Griswold

This character is a werewolf and newspaper reporter.

Larry Kirkland

This character is a necromancer and vampire executioner in training.

Sergeant Rudolph Storr

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