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Chapters 1-5

• Anita Blake, necromancer and vampire executioner, meets with Captain Pete McKinnon about a pyrokinetic, someone who can start fires with psychic powers.

• McKinnon fears that a pyrokinetic is loose in St. Louis, and wants Anita to help.

• After McKinnon leaves, Anita receives a phone call from Larry Kirkland, a vampire executioner in training.

• Larry needs a ride home from the hospital, so Anita grabs her guns and heads to the hospital to pick him up.

• Larry had been attacked while staking two vampire victims that did not want to rise from the dead, as stated in their dying wills.

• A member of Humans First, a group of people against vampires, grabbed one of Larry's stakes and tried to kill him when he would not stake the vampire who turned out to be a doctor at the hospital.

• Anita tells Larry that he needs to be more...

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