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John Marsden (writer)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of the soldiers leave to get the winch?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

2. How does Ellie say the silence of the neighborhood is different now?
(a) There's a constant background of guns.
(b) There isn't a difference.
(c) She is different because she's killed people.
(d) It's an empty silence.

3. Where does Ellie hide when the soldiers arrive at the river?
(a) In deep weeds.
(b) By a fallen tree.
(c) In reeds along the edge of the river.
(d) About twenty feet up in a tree.

4. What are the tasks Ellie sets out to accomplish that she says takes the most time and energy?
(a) Gardening and painting.
(b) Watching out for attackers and hiding.
(c) Sweeping, dusting, and tidying.
(d) Cooking and washing clothes.

5. Where are they the night Homer again tries to contact Colonel Finley?
(a) About three miles from Hell.
(b) About three miles from Stratton.
(c) About three miles from Wirrawee.
(d) About three miles from the airport.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellie remember the first factory they see in Stratton made before the war?

2. What does Lee say the girl named Reni did when the fighting started?

3. Which of the following is NOT on the list of things Ellie and Homer say they've found?

4. How much longer does Ellie say they need to wait before they can head back for Hell?

5. What does Ellie say is Homer's best hope of finding his parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ellie do around her Grandma's house with her Grandma's possessions?

2. What does Ellie say has changed about how she and Fi act as compared to how they were before the war?

3. Describe the trip to the trout farm.

4. Describe what happens in the moments after Ellie and the others get out of the river.

5. Describe the dream Ellie has about Lee and what she thinks it might mean.

6. What are the stories about hypnotism Ellie tells while they are floating down the river for the second day, and what makes her think about those stories?

7. What does Ellie say about the damage from the war and what does it make her realize about herself?

8. How does Ellie go about leaving food out for the little kids, and what's the result?

9. Describe how Ellie and the others come to have a hot meal their first night at her Grandma's house?

10. Describe Ellie's grandmother.

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