Burning for Revenge Short Essay - Answer Key

John Marsden (writer)
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1. Describe one of the summer storms Ellie remembers from before the war began.

Once Ellie had gone to move sheep during a storm and their dog, Millie, had chased a sheep into the creek where they both almost drowned. Another time, the story had caused a piece of tin to come loose on the shearing sound. The tin made a noise Ellie says she'll never forget.

2. Where does Ellie say she might be if she weren't in the place they call Hell, and what might she be doing?

She might be in New Zealand, rereading a book and eating pizza. She says she would rather be home, doing the work that was always necessary on the ranch.

3. What does Ellis say there is to do in Hell, and what do Homer and Kevin spend one entire afternoon doing?

Ellie says there isn't much to do other than reading one of the few books they have. They can't build anything because it would be too easy to spot from the air. One day Homer and Kevin spend an entire afternoon throwing rocks at a tree truck.

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