Objects & Places from Burning for Revenge

John Marsden (writer)
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The area of relative security where the teenagers are hiding at the opening of the novel

The Dirty Dozen

The missing Kiwi soldiers Ellie and her crew have been hired to guide through the foreign terrain.

Tailor's Stitch

A narrow, dangerous passage in the wilderness of Hell.


Ellie's most prized possession and one of the last few links she has to home.

The City Dump

Where the teenagers search for mission supplies.

The Wirrawee Airfield

Where the teenagers enact their greatest attack on the enemy.

Bracken River

The means the teens use to escape after running from the airbase.


The city where the crew of teenagers spends the most time during "Burning for Revenge".

Winchester Heights

The pretentious neighborhood where Ellie's grandmother lived.

The Barn

Where Lee regularly meets with the enemy teenager for romantic liaisons.

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