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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Shelly try to do?
(a) Sleep in the room.
(b) Persuade Vince to leave.
(c) Cook corn and carrots.
(d) Buy whiskey.

2. When does Dodge forgive Halie for her betrayal?
(a) Never, he dies angry and spiteful.
(b) After she confesses the birth of the baby boy.
(c) When she breaks off her relationship with Father Dewis.
(d) After Ansel died, he saw how much that hurt her.

3. Who are Dodge and Halie's sons?
(a) John and Tilden.
(b) Bradley and James.
(c) Father Dewis and Tilden.
(d) Tilden and Bradley.

4. What was the family secret that Dodge revealed?
(a) Halie and Tilden's baby was buried in the back yard.
(b) Bradley and Ansel's wife have a baby buried in the back yard.
(c) Father Dewis and Halie have a baby through an adulterious affair.
(d) Dodge and Shelly have a baby a baby buried in the back yard.

5. How do we know that Vince is finally acknowledged by Halie?
(a) She screamed when she found the bottles.
(b) Said he was drunk again.
(c) She said he was a sweet boy, like an angel.
(d) Got angry that he had brought a bottle to his grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Shelly during Act 2?

2. How does Vince deal with their rejection?

3. Who does Halie tell Dodge they have to take care of?

4. What is the main theme of this play?

5. What does Tilden talk to Shelly about?

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