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Hannah Kent
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Short Answer Questions

1. What position does Natan offer to Agnes when she first arrives at his farm?

2. What happens when Roslin, Margret's friend, goes into labor?

3. How is the overall mood of the meeting Blondal and Reverend Toti have about Agnes' spiritual progress and Toti's methods in Chapter 7?

4. Who does Agnes meet on her way to Geitaskard, Natan's farm?

5. Why will Fridrik be angry if Natan and Sigga have been together?

Short Essay Questions

1. What revelation did Agnes come to after examining her little sister's death?

2. In Poet-Rosa's poem to Natan Ketilsson, what overall message does she convey to him?

3. Why does Agnes not believe that Steina and her have anything real in common?

4. Why did Natan sleep in Sigga's bed when he knew Agnes was awake?

5. What is at the crux of the disagreement between Blondal and Reverend Toti about Agnes?

6. Why does Reverend return to Agnes, even though he is sick?

7. How does Agnes feel when she discerns that Sigga has the position of housekeeper?

8. Ravens are a common theme throughout the story. What do the ravens represent in the following scenario? Agnes turned away after finding Fridrik kicking Natan's dead sheep outside. She felt this was only the beginning of a more violent incident to come. "I turned around ... and saw a raven descent upon the sheep. It gave a mournful caw and then plunged its beak into the innards" (267). The ravens brutally attacked an already dead animal right after Agnes sees Fridrik committed the same act.

9. How does Agnes recount Natan's unexpected demeanor?

10. Why does Agnes believe that she may have been friends with Poet-Rosa under different circumstances?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Agnes' opinion: "They will blow us all out, one by one, until it is only their light by which they see themselves. Where will I be then" (1)? How does she see the world and the human condition according to this quote? Do you agree/disagree?

Essay Topic 2

How does Reverend Toti's father react to him being a spiritual advisor? Even if he does not specifically reference his son's choice, there are many instances where it is quite obvious that he has a formidable opinion. Do you agree/disagree with his judgment? Why?

Essay Topic 3

How and why does Margret Jonsdottir's opinion of Agnes progress over time? List specific examples of how she feels once Agnes arrives and then when Agnes is preparing for her execution.

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