Burial Rites Character Descriptions

Hannah Kent
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Agnes Magnusdottir

This is a young woman convicted of murder who is awaiting execution while living at a family's farm in Kornsa.

Natan Ketilsson

This is a possible thief, sorcerer doctor, and lover of an accused murderess. He is no longer alive and seems to have been a person of questionable moral character.

Bjorn Blondal

This District Commissioner of Hunavatn is in charge of organizing the events of the executions and the murderers futures.

Reverend Thorvardur "Toti" Jonsson

This young priest is asked to spiritually advise and prepare a murderess for her execution.

Fridrik Sigurdsson

This is a farm boy awaiting execution who has been shown to have hated the victim due to a marital dispute and money issues.

Sigridur "Sigga" Gudmundsdottir

This housemaid wished to marry one of the men accused (and found guilty) of murdering the housemaid's boss. This character ends up facing life in prison due...

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