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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of lessons does Conrad take in the evenings?

2. What does Conrad say was celebrated in Rosa's home as she grew up?

3. What does Rosa do for a living after she leaves the hospital?

4. What memory does Rosa recall one night as she and Conrad walk past her old house?

5. What is James afraid of in regards to the black children?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the first section of the novel pages 9-39, many points of view are used. Whose points of view is the story told from?

2. What offering does the baby boy make to Rosa? Where does the item come from, and what is its significance?

3. What does Clare want Rosa to do and how does Rosa react to the request?

4. What is the relationship between Conrad and Rosa from the time they met to the end of the first section of the book?

5. What does Rosa feel shortly before she leaves Fats' house?

6. What cloak and dagger stuff has Rosa been involved in in the past, and what were the results?

7. What politics are the Burgers involved in and what is their stand on the issue?

8. How does Conrad see Rosa's childhood and where does he believe it will lead her?

9. How is Rosa's life tragic as shown in the first section of the novel?

10. What is the argument that the men have at Fats' home concerning black athletes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Rosa react concerning her passport before she leaves the country? What is she afraid of? Why is she afraid? What occurrences happen that she reacts to?

Essay Topic 2

Flora arrives at the prison and knocks hard at the door the door to be let in to drop off a package for Rosa and Clare. How have things come full circle based on this scene? Explain the irony of the circle.

Essay Topic 3

Everyone plays a role in the cause, some are completely embedded in it; others have a hand in it only. Show how the involvement in the cause of four characters is either deep or on the surface but how all involvement is crucial for change.

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