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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rosa meet Marisa?

2. What does the old-maid school teacher do to the Burger family?

3. How does Rosa's brother die?

4. What happens to the cottage that Rosa once lived in with Conrad?

5. What response does Tandi make to Rosa when Rosa asks her if the baby is hers?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rosa recollect after the death of the man in the public square concerning her parents, Tony and Conrad?

2. What happens in the city on the anniversary of Lionel's death and how does Rosa react to it and why?

3. What is the argument that the men have at Fats' home concerning black athletes?

4. What happened in the morning in the city that Marisa wants to know more about ,and what does Greer tell her about it?

5. What information does Rosa give the journalist concerning her parents?

6. What does Clare want Rosa to do and how does Rosa react to the request?

7. What does Rosa feel shortly before she leaves Fats' house?

8. How does Conrad see Rosa's childhood and where does he believe it will lead her?

9. What is the relationship between Noel and Rosa? How long does it last? How does it end?

10. What is the meeting between Marisa and Rosa all about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Rosa's view of death after the man dies in the public square. How does she equate the death of the ordinary man to her parents' deaths and to her brother's death?

Essay Topic 2

If Rosa is the protagonist of the story. Who are the antagonists? Name three antagonists and explain why they are antagonists and how they affect Rosa.

Essay Topic 3

Flora arrives at the prison and knocks hard at the door the door to be let in to drop off a package for Rosa and Clare. How have things come full circle based on this scene? Explain the irony of the circle.

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