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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city does Rosa visit where her father's ex-wife lives?
(a) Nice, France.
(b) Moscow, Russia.
(c) Paris, France.
(d) London, England.

2. What does Rosa ask of Bassie when he tells her that he does not even know her?
(a) She asks why he is being so cruel.
(b) She asks why he found her at the party.
(c) She asks why he did not deny who he is.
(d) She asks why he needs money.

3. What does Rosa think her future should include with Bernard?
(a) A child of their own.
(b) Leavind his wife and children behind.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Raising his children with him.

4. What does Rosa state is her underlying reason for going to stay with Katya?
(a) The African government won't look for her there.
(b) To learn about her father's past.
(c) To see how others live in another country.
(d) To learn how to defect from her father.

5. What do Bernard and Rosa plan on doing together at some point in the future?
(a) Taking a ship somewhere.
(b) Opening a cafe.
(c) Marrying.
(d) Driving across the country.

6. Who does Rosa tell that she is leaving the country?
(a) Brandt.
(b) Flora.
(c) Her boss.
(d) No one except maybe Marisa.

7. What quote does Bernard use when he speaks of his wife and children to Rosa?
(a) He lives among them, not with them.
(b) He is not being disloyal to them.
(c) They don't miss him when he is gone.
(d) They all still love each other.

8. How does Didier act when he meets Rosa and Madame Bagnelli on her porch?
(a) He speaks only of Donna and quickly leaves.
(b) He is very inquisitive about Rosa.
(c) Like the cat--he eats some of everything and then leaves.
(d) He is sullen.

9. According to the architect at Donna's party, he thinks that the Leftist view of life is what?
(a) That the Left is what is wrong with Socialism.
(b) Rationalism destroys heaven.
(c) Freedom is the condition of happiness.
(d) Happiness needs institutions to protect it.

10. Why is Rosa not able to attend Greer's trial?
(a) She begins work in a movement against the government.
(b) The government denies her access.
(c) She goes to the farm to see her aunt and uncle.
(d) She begins work in a black hospital.

11. What is the first item that Madame Bagnelli stops to purchase after she and Rosa leave the airport?
(a) Bread.
(b) Wine.
(c) Fish.
(d) Cheese.

12. What does the government know of Rosa's actions in London?
(a) She was a member of the French Anti-Apartheid Movement.
(b) She was in contact with Bassie.
(c) She was working with a journalist to tell of the horrors in South Africa.
(d) She sttended a rally for Frelimo leaders.

13. In Katya's past, what made her not fit into the concept of being a comrade?
(a) Her clothing.
(b) Her hair styles.
(c) Her white shoes.
(d) Her hats.

14. At Donna's party, what is the Englishman's opinion of Utopia?
(a) He says it is evil.
(b) He says it is necessary.
(c) He says it is misunderstood.
(d) He says it is Western thought.

15. What is Greer on trial for?
(a) Treason.
(b) Forgery.
(c) Murder.
(d) Fraud.

Short Answer Questions

1. Had Rosa still been a child when she met Bassie's anger, how would she have handled it?

2. What does Bassie's given name (Zwelinzima) mean?

3. What does Katya notice about Rosa when she dines with her and Bernard at breakfast?

4. Why does Rosa go visit the Nels?

5. What does Rosa do after she hangs up the phone with Bassie?

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