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Roger Lowenstein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Buffett refuse to financially support his adult children?
(a) he wanted them to lead normal, independent lives.
(b) he was too cheap.
(c) he had other uses for his money.
(d) he was angry with them.

2. At a press conference, Buffet announced that he will:
(a) he resigns from the board.
(b) serve as an interim unsalaried chairman for as long as he is needed.
(c) the government charges will be dropped.
(d) he will financially support the firm.

3. Buffett differed from other CEOs in that he:
(a) he hired a variety of secretaries.
(b) he did most of his work at home.
(c) he did not have an office.
(d) did not have a structured appointments schedule.

4. Mrs. B built her furniture store into the biggest furniture store in the:
(a) state.
(b) city.
(c) midwest.
(d) country.

5. Buffett's annual shareholders meetings differed from those of other companies because:
(a) his were elegantly catered.
(b) he refused to hold shareholder meetings.
(c) his were well attended.
(d) he wouldn't attend his.

Short Answer Questions

1. Buffett's Graham group, his inner circle, met:

2. Berkshire was most active in:

3. The Efficient Market Theory says that:

4. Susie's absence made life:

5. When Gutfreund resigned:

Short Essay Questions

1. What stock did Buffett begin purchasing in 1988?

2. What was Buffett's attitude about sharing his wealth with his children?

3. What was one of the first things Buffett did at Salomon?

4. What did Susie do at the age of forty five?

5. Salomon became the object of an SEC and Justice Department investigation because of their bond trading. What did they do?

6. What are referred to as Buffett's sweetheart deals?

7. What was the outcome of the government case against Salomon?

8. How does Buffett describe the difference between his public and private lives?

9. Buffett was interested in buying media companies in the 1980s. Why did he invest in Cap Cities through Berkshire?

10. What did Buffett plan to do with his wealth when he died?

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