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Roger Lowenstein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What newspaper stock did Buffett buy heavily?
(a) Miami Herald.
(b) Chicago Sun Times.
(c) New York Times.
(d) Washington Post.

2. As a child, Warren Buffett had a 'thirst' for __________.
(a) games.
(b) numbers.
(c) money.
(d) books.

3. What magazine did Buffett first invest in?
(a) People.
(b) Atlantic Monthly.
(c) Washington Monthly.
(d) Look.

4. How many partnerships was Warren running by the end of his first year?
(a) three.
(b) five.
(c) nine.
(d) four.

5. At the 1968 meeting of his friends, who was not invited?
(a) Carl Ican.
(b) Charlie Munger.
(c) Ben Graham.
(d) Bill Ruane.

6. Buffett became a director on the board of the Post in:
(a) 1976.
(b) 1970.
(c) 1980.
(d) 1974.

7. What did Buffett consider to be the most important factor in evaluating a company?
(a) profit as a percentage of capital invested.
(b) total profit.
(c) total costs.
(d) total sales.

8. Warren made big profits by engaging in a practice known as:
(a) arbitrage.
(b) leveraged buyouts.
(c) back room trading.
(d) stock splitting.

9. Warren Buffett was born in___________.
(a) Omaha, Nebraska.
(b) Chicago, Illinois.
(c) Memphis, Tennessee.
(d) Kansas City, Nebraska.

10. In what simple way did Buffett find that people were still using their American Express cards?
(a) he sat in a restaurant and watched how people paid thier bills.
(b) he hired a market research firm to perform a survey.
(c) he hired an analyst to perform research
(d) he contacted the chairman of the board.

11. What kind of stocks were most popular at this time?
(a) high tech.
(b) huge conglomerates.
(c) blue chip.
(d) small companies.

12. What event occurred in August 1967?
(a) Congressional hearning into the rampant growth of mutual funds.
(b) new legislated limited partnership.
(c) the market crashed.
(d) Buffet's partnership eperienced its first loss.

13. The Buffett family owned and operated a ___________.
(a) grocery store.
(b) cattle ranch.
(c) general store.
(d) corn farm.

14. Why did Warren complete a Dale Carnegie course after completing business school?
(a) it would look impressive on his resume.
(b) to master his fear of public speaking.
(c) he was bored.
(d) he was looking to make contacts for his stock sales.

15. What course did Warren teach at the University of Omaha?
(a) Introduction to Finance.
(b) Managerial Economics.
(c) Investment Principles.
(d) Introduction to Economics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What company did the partnership buy that Warren became chairman of?

2. What did the young Warren trust?

3. What was Warren's major passion outside of work?

4. The Post company controlled all but the following:

5. Warren handled his investments with people:

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