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Roger Lowenstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Rhinophobia.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. B built her furniture store into the biggest furniture store in the:
(a) country.
(b) city.
(c) midwest.
(d) state.

2. After graduating from business school, Warren returned to Omaha to work for:
(a) Proctor & Gamble.
(b) Omaha National Bank.
(c) Buffett-Falk & Company.
(d) Citi Bank.

3. In early 1967, Buffett advised his partners that:
(a) the market was going to crash.
(b) he was changing the scope of the business.
(c) there was too much competition in the market.
(d) newer nutual funds achieved better returns than his did.

4. Mrs. B began in the furniture business by:
(a) buying a small furniture store and selling it.
(b) selling furniture out of her basement.
(c) working in her father's store in Minsk.
(d) working as a clerk in a furniture store in Omaha.

5. Berkshire was most active in:
(a) promoting auto insurance.
(b) reinsurance.
(c) business insurance.
(d) door to door policy selling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Susie did all but:

2. Berkshire and Hathaway merged in:

3. Buffett feared being known as:

4. According to the terms offered to the Davises, what percent of the profits would Warren receive?

5. Studying under Graham allowed Warren to:

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