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Roger Lowenstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Carpet Woman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problems did Buffett have making investments in the mid-1960s?
(a) there were few good bargains in stocks.
(b) a massive withdrawal of capital.
(c) a severe market slump.
(d) increased competition.

2. What did the Courier-Star accuse the Evening News of?
(a) making deals with advertisers.
(b) lack of ethics.
(c) monopolistic practices.
(d) poor reporting.

3. The Evening News' rival newspaper was the:
(a) New York Times.
(b) Courier Express.
(c) Toronto Star.
(d) New York Post.

4. Buffett told his partners all but the following:
(a) he recommended Sequoia Fund.
(b) he would not act as their financial counsel.
(c) he could help place their money in municipal bonds.
(d) he would continue to manage their money.

5. Regarding his textile mills, in the early 1980s, Buffett:
(a) closed them.
(b) continued to operate at a loss.
(c) made large capital investments.
(d) sold them.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Buffett and Munger buy the Buffalo Evening News?

2. What did Buffett advise his partners of in May 1967?

3. What newspaper stock did Buffett buy heavily?

4. While reaching Ben Graham, Warren learned about a company called:

5. As a result of the end of the Go Go era:

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