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Roger Lowenstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Secrets of the Temple.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Warren's philosophy for purchasing stocks included all but:
(a) favorable long-term prospects.
(b) honest and competent management.
(c) decent stock price.
(d) anticipation of short-term price movements.

2. What did Buffett advise his partners of in May 1967?
(a) the partnership would go on without him.
(b) Buffett Partnership was facing huge losses.
(c) he was liquidating Buffett Partnership.
(d) he was turning Buffett Partnership into a Performance Fund.

3. These kinds of funds in this era were characterized as:
(a) bear market.
(b) bull market.
(c) Go Go.
(d) irresponsible trading.

4. What did Susie unexpectedly do at the age of forty-five?
(a) tried to commit suicide.
(b) returned to school.
(c) filed for divorce.
(d) moved out of Buffett's house and into a San Francisco apartment.

5. Buffett looked for stocks:
(a) whose value was greater than its price.
(b) that had an attractive annual report.
(c) that had a product he believed in.
(d) that was owned by people he knew.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Buffett say he was putting his money into?

2. What stock did Buffett begin to buy in the fall of 1988?

3. By the end of 1988, the Berkshire share price was approximately?

4. What event occurred in August 1967?

5. At the 1968 meeting of his friends, who was not invited?

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