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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the riot in "Part IV," what is Kroger worried about?
(a) His daughter's safety.
(b) His money he has hidden.
(c) His carriage arriving.
(d) His health.

2. After spending time with the Krogers in "Part II," how does Tony change?
(a) She becomes educated.
(b) She becomes spoiled.
(c) She becomes angry.
(d) She becomes fearful.

3. Why does the Consul believe Johann blames Gotthold for the death of Josephine?
(a) Because he had injured her badly.
(b) Because she died shortly after Gotthold's birth.
(c) Because Gotthold got her sick.
(d) Because she died trying to save Gotthold.

4. Why does the Consul initially want to pay Gotthold the money in "Part I"?
(a) Because he is fond of Gotthold.
(b) Because he wants to upset his father.
(c) Because of his religious beliefs.
(d) Because of a legal contract.

5. What causes the servant to be fired from the Buddenbrook home in "Part IV"?
(a) They are caught with a maid.
(b) They get into a physical fight with Christian.
(c) They refuse to serve the family.
(d) They stop showing up for work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What years is it in the beginning of "Part I"?

2. In "Part I," what does the Consul's mother tell him to do about Gotthold's demand for money?

3. What does Grunlich say about his courting of Tony in "Part IV"?

4. In "Part I," whose lap does Antonie sit on when she recites her catechism?

5. What is the original purpose of Grunlich's visit to the Consul in "Part III"?

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