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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tony get her face scratched by Julie?
(a) When she tries to avoid kissing Hermann.
(b) While she is sleeping.
(c) While they try to stop falling down a hill.
(d) When she shoves Julie down a hill.

2. In "Part I," what aspect of the Buddenbrook home do the guests discuss?
(a) Its number of fireplaces.
(b) Its age.
(c) Its plasterwork.
(d) Its location.

3. Why does Gotthold feel he should receive some of the Buddenbrook family money?
(a) He was never paid for his services.
(b) He says it's his birthright.
(c) He was promised some of the money.
(d) He never says why.

4. Why does the Consul initially want to pay Gotthold the money in "Part I"?
(a) Because he is fond of Gotthold.
(b) Because of a legal contract.
(c) Because he wants to upset his father.
(d) Because of his religious beliefs.

5. How does Gotthold tell the Buddenbrook family he wants money?
(a) He writes in to a newspaper.
(b) He sends a telegram to his mother.
(c) He sends a letter to the Consul.
(d) He visits his grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Julie and Tony treat each other while they walk to school?

2. Why was Gotthold cut off from family money?

3. Where do the Krogers have an estate?

4. How does the wealth of the Krogers compare to the wealth of the Buddenbrooks?

5. In "Part I," whose lap does Antonie sit on when she recites her catechism?

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