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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part VII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the servant to be fired from the Buddenbrook home in "Part IV"?
(a) They get into a physical fight with Christian.
(b) They refuse to serve the family.
(c) They are caught with a maid.
(d) They stop showing up for work.

2. How does Tom feel during the election running against Hermann Hagenstrom?
(a) He feels he will win.
(b) He never lets anyone see how he feels during the election.
(c) He is worried.
(d) He feels he will lose.

3. What does Grunlich say about his courting of Tony in "Part IV"?
(a) He was forced into the courtship.
(b) He lost his money buying her presents.
(c) He was after her dowry.
(d) He loved her.

4. What is the first time Tom decides to do after being elected senator?
(a) Take a vacation.
(b) Buy new clothes.
(c) Build a new house.
(d) Create a public garden.

5. What does the Consul do after being left Johann's business?
(a) Tries to sell the business.
(b) Brings Tom into the business.
(c) Calls Gotthold for help.
(d) Hires Christian.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tony feel about Hermann Hagenstrom in "Part VII"?

2. In the beginning of "Part III", what is the Consul's family all reading?

3. When does Herr Kroger die?

4. Why does the Consul believe Johann blames Gotthold for the death of Josephine?

5. In "Part II," what does the Consul write about in his journal?

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