Buddenbrooks Fun Activities

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Time Line

Make an illustrated time line that follows the major events of this novel.

Family Tree

Create a Buddenbrook family tree.

Political Cartoon

Make a political cartoon that relates to one stage of political unrest in "Buddenbrooks."

Report Card

Make a report card for Hanno. Consider his behavior in school and what he is interested in.

Tony's Point of View

Rewrite a chapter from Tony's point of view.

Quiz Questions

Write at least five possible quiz questions.


Make a collage that reflects the theme of decline in "Buddenbrooks."


Make a blueprint of the Buddenbrook home based on the descriptions in the novel.

Talk Show

Host a talk show where the disagreeing members of the Buddenbrook family can work out their problems.

Party Planner

Plan the wedding party for one of Tony's weddings or Erica's wedding.

The Lost Chapter

Write a chapter that takes place after...

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