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Essay Topic 1

Explore the theme of decline as it is developed throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Follow the history of the Buddenbrook family. What are the major turning points? What are their conflicts? What does this family reveal about their society and times?

Essay Topic 3

What commentary does the author provide about social class divides? Consider the marriages that take place in this novel that cross social class lines.

Essay Topic 4

Analyze the significance of the author's use of actual historical events in this novel.

Essay Topic 5

How does the author use colors in this novel? What do they symbolize? How do they serve as a motif?

Essay Topic 6

How is "Buddenbrooks" a message on excess?

Essay Topic 7

Compare and contrast two conflicts suffered by the Buddenbrook family in this novel. Consider the root of the conflict, how it is treated and the end result.

Essay Topic 8


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