Buddenbrooks Character Descriptions

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Thomas Buddenbrook

This character has great business, social and political ambitions but finds himself unhappy until he discovers the philosophy of Schopenhauer.

Tony (Antonie) Buddenbrook

This character enjoys a spoiled childhood and has two failed marriages.

Johann Buddenbrook (the Elder)

This character buys a home on Meng Strasse after the previous owner suffered great financial losses in his business.

Madame (Antoinette) Buddenbrooks

This character's marriage is one of convenience, but she learns to love her husband.

Johann Buddenbrook (younger)

This character is the Consul to Amsterdam and ends up taking over his father's firm. He is very religious, a trait his children never pick up on.

Elisabeth nee Kroger Buddenbrook

This character outlives her husband to see the eventually decline of her family while suffering a long and painful death.

Christian Buddenbrook

This character is more concerned with the theater and with imitation than with business.

Bendix Grunlich

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