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Part I

• The Buddenbrooks are a prominent German family in 1835.

• The Buddenbrooks have dinners every Thursday where many people attend.

• The Buddenbrooks and their guests discuss Napoleon and Germany.

• Gotthold, the Consul's half-brother, writes demanding for family money.

• Johann Buddenbrook decides to deny Gotthold any money.

Part II

• The Consul and Elizabeth have a baby girl.

• When Johann dies, the Consul inherits the business and brings his oldest son to work with him.

• Tony, who spends the summers with the Krogers, is sent to boarding school.

• Gotthold asks about money at his father's funeral. The Consul denies him.

Part III

• A businessman, Grunlich, shows interested in Tony even though she dislikes him.

• Tony's parents want her to marry Grunlich.

• Tony spends the summer at a beach house where she meets Morten.

• Tony's parents disapprove of Morten.

• Tony marries Grunlich.

Part IV

• Tony has a daughter named Erica.

• A...

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